Refers to alternative names for a person, including aliases, pen names, and nicknames


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George Abbott  +
Margaret Abell  +
Henry McKenzie Smart Adams  +
Joseph James William Adams  +
Augusta Susan Adams  +
Chandrashekhar Agashe II, Adi Agashé  +
Chandrashekhar Agashe I  +
Harrietta Ahrens  +
Wilhelmina Ahrens  +
Adelaide von Montferrat  +
Harriet J Alger  +
Clarice Minnie Underwood Alley  +
Mary Ammanet  +, Mary Hamet  +
Ada Mariah Amos  +
Frederick Norman Angel  +
Joseph Witton Anlezark  +
Edward Arborn  +
Eleanor Arbon  +
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