Pozvizd Vladimirovich was born 985 to Vladimir I Svyatoslavich of Kiev (c958-1015) and died 1030 of unspecified causes.

Pozvizd Vladimirovich is the a of Vladimir Svyatoslavich, mentioned only in the annalistic list of Vladimir's sons. Due to the fact that he is listed on this list as the penultimate one, it is concluded that Pozvizd was the younger sons of Vladimir. Nothing more about him is knon.

A bearer of a name unique to the princely dynasty, which coincides with the name of a pagan deity (Slavic wind god Pozvizda). He was born not later than 988 , that is, before the adoption of Christianity, as evidenced by his name.

Some researchers considered him not a son, but a nephew of Vladimir. It is not known who exactly was his mother, and also whether he owned any destiny in Russia. According to the Gustinsky Chronicle, he had possession in Volhynia. The time of death is unknown.

NA Baumgarten, for unknown reasons, identified Pozvizd with Khrisohir (Zolotoruky), who led the campaign against Russia against Byzantium in 1024 .


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