New South Wales, Australia

Population: 2,055
Elevation: 925 m (3,035 ft)
LGA: City of Lithgow
State District: Bathurst
Federal Division: Macquarie
Portland cement

Commonwealth Portland Cement Works circa 1950

Portland is a town in New South Wales, Australia. It is 2 1/2 hours from Sydney, and 40 minutes to Bathurst and 30 minutes from Lithgow. The town is of interest as a historic mining town and as the place of the first cement works in Australia, which was opened in 1902. Cement produced at the Commonwealth Portland Cement Company's works helped build the city of Sydney. Portland cement, synonomous with high quality cement, was shipped throughout Australia until the works closed in 1991.

Portland is part of the gateway to the Central West and is located between Oberon, Mudgee, Bathurst, Lithgow and the Blue Mountains. The town is surrounded by countryside and has many areas for bushwalking. It is close to the Wollemi and Gardens of Stone National Parks.

The industries in Portland and surrounding areas required the transport of limestone, coal and other materials and, to this end, a number of private railways and tramways were constructed[1].

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