Walker ShortList Project[]

The Study Target Area

This page is a starting point for Walker researchers working on lines in NW NC, SW VA, and NE TN. (See Detailed Target Area Map).

The Walker Surname is very broadly distributed in America. County records for many areas show numerous entries for people with the Walker surname. This is particularly true in areas settled by the Scots Irish, such as along the Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee frontiers. Because the Scots Irish utilized a relatively small set of given names, it is not uncommon to find records for what are clearly different individuals, yet sharing the same given and surnames. It is often difficult to determine which record corresponds to which individual. As an example, there are at least six distinct individuals in Blount, Sevier, and Roane Counties TN, prior to 1800 who share the name "John Walker". Some of these John Walkers are in fact related to each other, and share a relatively recent common ancestor. Others are clearly unrelated. It is the purpose of this project to help clarify the relationships between such Walker lines.

Lines Being Researched[]

The Walker ShortList Group is current researching a number of independent lines in the target area. Articles about the following individuals are starting points for laying out the family relationships of these lines. In most cases we do not know the parents of these individuals. DNA evidence tells us that some are closely related to each other, but we do not know how they are related.

Needfull Things[]

These are some things where we need help.

  • Articles have been created for most of the lines being researched. In most cases these articles remain stubs. To facilitate our research we need to fill in what we know about these lines.
  • We need to fill in what we know about the basic problems being researched. Provide a coherent discussion of the issues. In many cases, Jerry Brimberry's overview of the Walkers in Southwest Virginia gives a good starting point for building an article on these issues. (See list of issues in box above.)

Research Problems being Worked[]

Check here for the current status of research problems being worked by the Walker ShortList.

  1. Common Ancestor for MCJW Line. We know that the Isaiah Walker lines and the MCJW lines are closely related. We do not know how they are related.
  2. "'Indian Killer'". Is Indian Killer John Walker the same person as John IV of th Wigton Walker line?
  3. '"Spicy and Dicey. Who are the parents of Spicy Walker and Dicey Walker?
  4. Hawkins County John Walker. Who are the parents of HCJW?
  5. Quaker John Walker. Was Quaker John a Quaker? Can we confirm his parents?
  6. William of Laurel Fork. Who were the parents of William of Laurel Fork.