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Pierre Raymond de Carcassonne, Count of Carcassonne, Viscount of Béziers, Viscount of Agde, was born on an unknown date to Raymond I Roger de Carcassonne (?-c1011) and Garsinde de Béziers et Agde (?-?) and died circa 1061 of unspecified causes. He married Rangearde Trencavel (1033-1077) 1050 JL . Charlemagne (747-814).

The identity of his wife is uncertaint. Alternative candidates include his mother-in-law and Rangearde de Toulouse (c1010-c1057).


Offspring of Pierre Raymond de Carcassonne and Rangearde Trencavel (1033-1077)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Roger III de Carcassonne (1034-1067) 1034 1067
Ermengarde de Carcassonne (c1036-c1100) 1036 1100 Raymond-Bernard II Trencavel of Albi (1036-1074)
Garsinde de Carcassonne (c1038-c1085) 1038 1085 Raymond de Narbonne (c1020-c1082)
Adelaide de Carcassonne (c1040-c1102) 1040 1102 Guillem I de Cerdanya (c1068-1095)


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