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Dr. Peter Toppan

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Siblings[edit | edit source]

  1. Elizabeth Toppan (1635-?) born in England.
  2. Abraham Toppan (1644-1703) born in Newbury, Massachusetts.
  3. Lt. Jacob Toppan (1645-1717)
  4. Susanna Toppan (1649-?)
  5. John Toppan (1651-1723)
  6. Isaac Toppan (?-?)

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Peter, the eldest son of Abraham Toppan (1606-1672) and Susannah (Taylor) Toppan, was born 6 July 1634 in St. Edmund's, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. At the age of three, he was brought to America with his parents and his sister, Elizabeth, on the Marey Anne in May, 1637.

He became a physician in Newbury, Massachusetts, where his parents settled. He belonged to one of five companies into which the sheep owners of Newbury had been organized, and was the third-largest owner out of the 16 in his company, owning eighty sheep. It was also said that "he traded at sea."

On 3 April, 1661, he married Jane Batt (1631-1707), daughter of Christopher Batt (1601-1661) and Anne Baynton (1602-1679).

In 1697, he built a house for his family which still stands (as of 2006) on Newbury's High Street, near the corner of Marlboro Street. It bears an inscription giving its date of construction and the name of its builder, Dr. Toppan. He lived on land occupied after his death by his son Samuel.

On 3 November, 1707, it is recorded that "Old Doctor Tappen of Newberry was (in the day time) drowned off Mr. Benaiah Tidcoms warfe." [pike, p.151]

Administration of his estate fell to his sons Peter and Samuel, who began the task on 11 March, 1708. It is recorded that among his property was "a negro slave", at a value of £30.

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Sources[edit | edit source]

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