Peter Ockenfels was born before 1670 in Franken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany and died circa 21 March 1729 Franken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany of unspecified causes. He married Sophie Rodermacher (-1733) 1685 in Sinzig, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


Offspring of Peter Ockenfels and Sophie Rodermacher (-1733)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Peter Ockenfels (c1710-c1725) 1710 Franken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany 1725 Franken, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany Anna Maria Arends (bef1730-aft1741)

Possible Sibling

Catharina Ockenfels (1665-)

In 1710 Johann married a Catharina Ockenfels (c1691-) born in Franken, Rhineland, Prussia and had four children. Johann Wilhelm Adams (abt1712-), Johann Adams (c1715), Edmund Adams (Oct 19, 1717-) and Anton Adams (c1719-). All of Franken. (Source: FamilySearch)
The eldest son, Johann, had a child out of wedlock with Anna Maria Katherina Ockenfels (1708-) of Franken, Johann Adams Ockenfels (Oct 25,1730-).
The youngest son, Anton, married Maria Catharina Ockenfels (bef1720-aft1741) on May 1, 1741.
In 1722 Ludger married another Catharina Ockenfels (1701-) born in Franken, Rhineland, Prussia and had eight children. Mattias Adams (Mat 2, 1723-), Johann Adams (May 17, 1724-), Michael Adams (Jul 28, 1726), Sophia Adams (Oct 21, 1728-), Elizabeth Adams (Jul 20, 1731-), Peter Adams (Oct 13, 1734-), Mattias Adams (Apr 24, 1737-Aug 27, 1787) and Jacob Adams (Jun 17, 1741-). All of Franken. (Source: FamilySearch)

Johann Ockenfels (1674-)

Johann Michael Ockenfels (c1700-) married Catharina Scharff (c1701-) of Franken and had seven children:

Matthias Ockenfels (May 15, 1723-), Johann Anton Ockenfels (Jan 17, 1725), Anna Catharina Ockenfels (Jan 26, 1727-), Anna Maria Ockenfels (Mar 3, 1729), Peter Ockenfels (Jan 31, 1731-), Johann Ockenfels (Oct 31, 1732-) and Matthias Ockenfels (May 15, 1735-).

Johann Ockenfels (Oct 31, 1732-) married Gertrud Ockenfels (c1736-) of Franken Parents: Peter Ockenfels (bef1710-) and Anna Maria Brembs (bef1714-). They had two children: Matthias Ockenfels (Jan 2, 1759-) and Johann Gereon Ockenfels (Oct 15, 1761-).
Johann Gereon Ockenfels (Oct 15, 1761-) married Christina Neis (Mar 13, 1762-) on Nov 18, 1794 and had a child named Johann Ockenfels (Jan 1, 1796). She remarried Peter Adams (bef1758-)]] at some later point.
Johann Ockenfels (c1704-Jan 1, 1771)
Margaretha Ockenfels (Apr 13, 1716-)

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