Pedro I the Just Capet-Burgundy of Portugal, King of Portugal, King of the Algarve, was born 18 April 1320 in Coimbra, Portugal to Afonso IV of Portugal (1291-1357) and Beatrix of Castile (1293-1359) and died 18 January 1367 in Estremos, Portugal of assassination. He married Blanca of Castile (aft1315-1375) 1325 JL in Alfayete. He married Constance of Peñafiel (c1323-1345) 24 August 1339 JL in Lisbon. He married Inés de Castro (1320-1355) 1346 JL . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, the Byzantine Empire, Sweden, Belarus.


Offspring of Pedro I of Portugal and Constance of Peñafiel (c1323-1345)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Luís of Portugal (1340-1340)
Maria of Portugal (1342-aft1367)
Fernando I of Portugal (1345-1383) 31 October 1345 Lisbon, Portugal 22 October 1383 Lisbon, Portugal Leonor Telles de Menezes (c1340-1386)

Offspring of Pedro I of Portugal and Inés de Castro (1320-1355)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Beatriz of Portugal (1347-1381) 1347 Coimbra 5 July 1381 Ledesma Sancho de Albuquerque (1342-1374)

João of Portugal (1349-1397)
Dinis of Portugal (1354-1397)

Offspring of Pedro I of Portugal and Teresa Lourenço (c1330-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John I of Portugal (1357-1433) 11 April 1357 Lisbon, Portugal 14 August 1433 Lisbon, Portugal Philippa of Lancaster (1360-1415)
Inês Peres Esteves (c1350-c1400)


Common ancestors of Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367) and Constance of Peñafiel (c1323-1345)

  1. Alfonso IX, King of León (1171-1230)
  2. Alfonso VIII, King of Castile (1155-1214)
  3. Amédée IV de Savoie (1197-1253)
  4. Andrew II of Hungary (c1177-1235)
  5. Anne de Bourgogne (1192-1243)
  6. Beatrice de Savoie (1223-1258)
  7. Berenguela of Castile (1180-1246)
  8. Constance of Sicily (1249-1302)
  9. Eleanor of England (1162-1214)
  10. Elisabeth von Staufen (1203-1235)
  11. Ferdinand II, King of León (1137-1188)
  12. Ferdinand III, King of Castile (1199-1252)
  13. Friedrich II of the Holy Roman Empire (1195-1250)
  14. Irene Angeline (c1179-1208)
  15. Jaime I de Aragón (1208-1276)
  16. Manfred of Sicily (1232-1266)
  17. Pedro II de Aragón (1174-1213)
  18. Pedro III de Aragón (1240-1285)
  19. Philipp von Schwaben (1177-1208)
  20. Urraca of Portugal (1151-1188)
  21. Violant of Hungary (c1216-1253)
  22. Yolande de Courtenay (1200-1233)  

Namesakes of Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Pedro de Portugal, 1.º Duque de Coimbra (1392-1449)Lisbon, PortugalAlverca, PortugalJohn I of Portugal (1357-1433)Philippa of Lancaster (1360-1415)Isabel de Aragon (1409-1443)
Pedro I of Portugal (1320-1367)Coimbra, PortugalEstremos, PortugalAfonso IV of Portugal (1291-1357)Beatrix of Castile (1293-1359)Blanca of Castile (aft1315-1375)+Constance of Peñafiel (c1323-1345)+Inés de Castro (1320-1355)+Teresa Lourenço (c1330-)
Pedro II of Portugal (1648-1706)Lisbon, PortugalCintra, PortugalJohn IV of Portugal (1604-1656)Luisa de Guzmán (1613-1666)Marie Françoise de Nemours (1646-1683) + Marie Sofie von Pfalz-Neuburg (1666-1699) + Maria da Cruz Mascarenhas (c1655-) + Anne Armande du Verger (c1660-) + Francisca Clara da Silva (c1650-)
Pedro III of Portugal (1717-1786)John V of Portugal (1689-1750)Maria Anne Josepha of Austria (1683-1754)Maria I of Portugal (1734-1816)
Pedro I of Brazil (1798-1834)Queluz, PortugalQueluz, PortugalJohn VI of Portugal (1767-1826)Carlota Joaquina de España (1775-1830)Maria Leopoldine von Österreich (1797-1826) + Amélie of Leuchtenberg (1812-1871)
Pedro II of Brazil (1825-1891)Rio de Janeiro, BrazilParis, FrancePedro I of Brazil (1798-1834)Maria Leopoldine von Österreich (1797-1826)Teresa delle Duo Sicilie (1822-1889)

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