Parish Locator is a handy freeware program designed by D M Bennett to locate any parish in the British Isles and relate it spatially to any other in the same island. The program is available for downloading at the "Our Bennett Family History" site. This program would be particularly useful when an ancestor is known to have been in a particular parish, and there is a need to identify nearby parishes that might also be searched for additional records.

Scope and uses[edit | edit source]

Each entry has county, country, OS ref, easting, and northing. There is some duplication because of different sources.

A search places the searcher in the alphabetical list of parishes, allowing easy scroll up or down.

Selecting one as "1st Parish" then another as "2nd Parish" allows calculation of distance (in miles and kilometres) and bearing (in degrees and compass directions) between the two. (Not available if one is in Ireland, the other in Great Britain.)

Entering a distance in "Radius around Parish 1" produces a list showing all parishes within that radius and their distances and directions. Example:

The following list of Parishes are within a
20 Mile Radius of Berwick-upon-Tweed,Golden Square Presbyterian, N, NBL, ENG.

  Parish Name                          Type,County,Country,OsRef   Distance & Direction
  ===========                          =========================   ==================== 

  Abbey St Bathans                              P BEW SCT NT7662  15.6 West by North West
  Ancroft                                       P NBL ENG NU0045   4.4 South
  Ayton                                         P BEW SCT NT9261   7.1 North West
  Bamburgh                                      P NBL ENG NU1734  15.8 South East
  Belford                                       P NBL ENG NU1033  13.6 South by South East
  Belford                                       R NBL ENG NU1033  13.6 South by South East
  Berwick                                       R NBL ENG NT9952   0.0  
  Berwick, Liberty of                           P BEW SCT NT9953   0.6 North
  Berwick-upon-Tweed                            P NBL ENG NT9952   0.0  
  Berwick-upon-Tweed,Golden Square Presbyterian N NBL ENG NT9952   0.0  
  Branxton                                      P NBL ENG NT8937  11.2 South by South West
  Bunkle and Preston                            P BEW SCT NT8059  12.6 West by North West
  Carham                                        P NBL ENG NT7938  15.2 South West
  Chatton                                       P NBL ENG NU0528  15.4 South by South East
  Chillingham                                   P NBL ENG NU0626  16.7 South by South East
  Chirnside                                     P BEW SCT NT8756   7.9 West by North West
  Cockburnspath                                 P ELN SCT NT7770  17.7 North West

and so on. (That last one seems to be one of the rare errors.)

Then you can hit "Print" or "Create a CSV File" or "Plot". "Plot" (with or without some restriction options) gives you a zoomable diagram with circles indicating distances.

Extract from licence agreement[edit | edit source]

Copyright © 1997/2003 D M Bennett
Original data from which this database has been developed was supplied by Gerald Lawson and used with his kind permission.

Program written in Delphi3 © Borland International

This Program is Freeware and may be freely distributed in its original form, with all files intact and unmodified.
No charge may be made except to cover the nominal cost of the media.

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