Oleg Yuryevich was born 1190 to Yuri Yuryevich of Murom (c1170-c1224) and died 1237 Battle of Voronezh River (1237) of Killed in battle. Charlemagne (747-814)/s.

Oleg Yuryevich (c1190-1237) - the outcast Prince of Murom, the son of outcast Prince of Murom Yuri Yuryevich of Murom (c1170-c1224) .

In 1220, he went on a campaign against the Volga Bulgars , organized by the Grand Princes of Vladimir-Suzdal Yuri Vsevolodovich.

He died in November-December 1237 in a the Battle of Voronezh River with his cousin Yuri Davyd0vich .



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