Mstislav Vladimirovich was born 1165 to Vladimir III Mstislavich of Kiev (1132-1171) and Unnamed daughter of Beloš (c1130-c1190) and died 1205 of unspecified causes.

Mstislav Vladimirovich (c1153-c1204) - Prince of Dorogobuzh, Volhynia (1171-1173), Prince of Tripolye (1173-after 1183), Prince of Kanev (1194-1203). Son of Vladimir Mstislavich, the youngest son of Mstislav Vladimirovich the Great.


Shortly before his death, Mstislav's father Vladimir Mstislavich Grand Prince of Kiev installed Mstislav as Prince of Dorogobuzh, Volhynia. Then Dorogobuzh went into the possession of Yaroslav Izyaslavich Lutsky and his descendants, and Mstislav was appointed Prince of Tripolye in Porosye, who was deprived after a private defeat at the beginning of the Battle of the Chortory River (1180), in which Igor Svyatoslavich Novgorod-Seversky and the Polovtsians troops defeated Igor Svyatoslavich Novgorod-Seversky and Polovtsy. He participated in the fight against the Polovtsians, including under the leadership of Svyatoslav of Kiev in the famous Battle of Oryol, in which Khan Kobyak was defeated . Following this, Mstislav is not mentioned in the annals until 1194 when h received another city in Porosye, Kanev, from the new Grand Prince of Kiev Ryurik Rostislavich. In 1203, during the defeat of Kiev during Ryurik Rostislavich's stgruggle against Roman Galitsky, he was captured by the Olgovichi , taken to Snovsk , after which the mention of him in the chronicles ceased.

He married the daughter of Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich of Chernigov and Kiev. No information is available about their children.



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