Mordecai Wheeler (c1765-?)
Mordecai Wheeler
Birth: circa 1765
Father: Benjamin Wheeler (1726-1807)
Mother: Keziah Murray (1729-bef1807)
Siblings: Elizabeth Wheeler (1752-1822)
William Wheeler (1755-1855)
Rachel Wheeler (c1755-aft1775)
Benjamin Wheeler II (1758-1839)
Keziah Wheeler (1759-aft1798)
James Wheeler (1762-aft1812)
Isabella Wheeler (c1765-1852)
Richard Wheeler (1766-1808)
Nicholas Wheeler (1774-1839)
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Gist (bef1765-aft1784)
Marriage: before 1780
Children: Margaret Wheeler (c1780-1855)
Keziah Wheeler (c1781-1850)
Benjamin Wheeler (c1784-1849)
Mordecai Wheeler II (c1787-bef1873)
2nd Spouse: Melinda Price (c1766-?)
2nd Marriage: before 1787

Birth[edit | edit source]

Mordecai was born around 1765 in Baltimore County, Maryland to parents Benjamin Wheeler (1726-1807) and Keziah Murray (1729-b1807).

Marriage to Sarah Gist[edit | edit source]

By 1780, Mordecai took Sarah Gist (bef1765-aft1784) for his first wife.

Children by Sarah Gist[edit | edit source]

It is believed that Mordecai and Sarah had three children together. The suspected children are as follows, although their connection to Mordecai and Sarah is not yet proven:

Marriage to Melinda Price[edit | edit source]

By 1787, Mordecai took Melinda Price (c1766-?) for his second wife.

Children by Melinda Price[edit | edit source]

It is believed that Mordecai and Melinda had one child together. Circumstancial evidence suggests that the child was Mordecai Wheeler, pioneer of Harrison County, Ohio, although his connection to Mordecai and Melinda has not yet been directly proven.

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