Mihály Cseszneky was born 1910 and died 1975 of unspecified causes.
Count Mihály Mátyás Cseszneky de Milvány et Csesznek (Hungarian Name order: cseszneki és milványi gróf Cseszneky Mihály Mátyás); (1910-1975) was a Hungarian nobleman, industrialist and nominal voivode of Macedonia.

He was also the elder brother of Gyula Cseszneky. He played an important role in the the restoration of the mill industry of Hungary, mutilated after the Treaty of Trianon. In September, 1943, after the forced abdication of his brother, he was proclaimed voivode of Macedonia, but he did not respond to the offer. After World War II his properties were confiscated by the Hungarian and Yugoslav Communist regimes, and his family was labelled as class enemy and was deported. Count Mihály for being a class enemy spent several years in prison and forced labour camps in Komló and Sztálinváros. He did not live to see the restoration of Hungarian constitutionality, in 1975 died.

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