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Author(s)/Editor(s):William McPheeters
Title:"Some Account of My Paternal and Maternal Ancestors and Other Relatives Arrranged and Compiled in the Year 1842 from Material Collected Many Years Ago"
Electronic Source:see "McPheeters MS
Commentary:by William McPheeters, Raleigh, North Carolina; This work exists in several transcriptions. One version is described as "Families of McPheeters, Moore, Walker, McDowell and McDaniel" presented to the Kentucky State Historical Society by Julia Spencer Ardery, Former State Historian, N.S. D.A.R. MS copied from an old manuscript in the possession of Mr. Frank Walker, of Paris, Kentucky." Another version appears within the work entitled "Memoir of Rev. Samuel B. McPheeters. Rev. John S. Grasty ; with an introduction, by Rev. Stuart Robinson. The portions taken from the William McPheeters MS begins at the bottom of page 17, and can be viewed at

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