McCaslan Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA



  • location: Go approximately 10 miles north of McCormick on Highway 28 to road S 33-37. Follow this road approximately 6/10 mile past first house on right. Cross fence on right and follow power line left approximately 500 yards. Go to hill overlooking creek with ivy covered trees. Three sets of graves (or cemeteries) in this location.

First CemeteryEdit

Single stone embedded in ground on path going toward Second Cemetery.

Grave 1 - Pioneer patriot, Robert Foster, born 1750, killed by Tories Nov. 1781, buried in unmarked common grave app 5 mi SE; Nov. 1981

Second CemeteryEdit

Cemetery surrounded by indigenous rock wall with iron gate approximately 40 inches wide. Walls and gate are in good condition. Graves are left to right beginning to the left of entrance gate.

Line IEdit

Grave 1 - F. A. McCaslan, Born Dec. 6, 1829, Died Nov. 12, 1888

No other marked graves in this line

Line IIEdit

Grave 1 - Margaret B. McCaslan, Born March 21, 1812, Died April 1, 1892

Grave 2 - James S. McCaslan, Born Jan. 18, 1805, Died Sept. 18, 1888

Grave 3 - John Foster, Son of James & Margaret B. McCaslan, Born March 13, 1845, Died April 6, 1864

Grave 4 - 8 - unmarked except for head and foot stones

Line IIIEdit

Grave 1 - Mrs. Mary Jane Lowry, wife of Rev. J. A. Lowry, Died July 4, 1863, In early life she dedicated herself to the Savior casting in her lot with the people of God of Hopewell Congregation. She adorned her profession by a Godly walk and conversation and left this as her dying testimony that Jesus was a precious Savior.

Grave 2 - Mrs. Fanny Child, who departed this life March 30, 1858, aged 24 years. After a pious and consistant (sic) walk of nine years in the Presbyterian Church her disembodied spirit took its flight to the happy land where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are at rest. For this corruption must put on incorruption and this mortal immortality.

Grave 3 - unmarked

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 4 - Infant Child of M.O. & S. C. McCaslan, Died Aug. 15, 1835

Grave 5 - 6 - unmarked

Grave 7 - Oliver Clark, Son of H. & A.E. Morris, Born Dec. 17, 1856, Died Aug. 6, 1859

Grave 8 - unmarked

Line IIIEdit

Grave 9 - Elizabeth Foster, the wife of Robert Foster, Born Dec. 19, 1790, Died Jan. 11, 1837, Aged 57 (sic) years and 21 days, Remember me as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me

Grave 10 - Robert Foster, Born Jan. 29, 1776, Died Aug. 17, 1830

Grave 11 - M. C. Child, Born March 3, 1854, Died Febr. 6, 1880

Line IVEdit

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 1 - Infant of P. A. & E. C. Covin

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 2 - Infant of J. E. & J. B. Foster

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 3 - Infant of J. E. & J. B. Foster

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 4 - Infant of J. E. & J. B. Foster

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 5 - Infant of J. E. & J. B. Foster

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 6 - Infant of J. E. & J. B. Foster

Line VEdit

Grave 1 - M. O. McCaslan, Born Dec. 7, 1809, Died Febr. 5, 1890, 60 years an Elder in the Presbyterian Church. Well done good and faithful servant. Sleep on Father thy work is done, Jesus has come and borne thee home.

Grave 2 - Mrs. Aggie S. McCaslan - Born April 17, 1840, Died April 19, 1861, At a very early age she consecreted herself to her Savior (sic), and was pious and devoted member of Hopewell Congregation. Her gentle spirit calmly passed away upheld by that sweet promise "The pure in heart shall see God."

Grave 3 - MOTHER, S. C. McCaslan, Born June 17, 1810, Died March 21, 1890, Life's race well run, Life's crown well won, Life's work all done, Now cometh rest. Rest Mother rest in quiet sleep, While friends in sorrow o'er the weep

Crib120px-Cradle for H.M. the Queen by H. Rogers Grave 4 - Infant of R. F. & Mary E. Morris

Grave 5 - Fannie A., Daughter of J. H. & A.E. Morris, Born June 21, 1862, Died Oct. 15, 1870

Grave 6 - J. H. Morris, May 6, 1829, wounded at Trevillion Station and died at Charlottesville, Va., June 29, 1864

Grave 7 - Mary Caroline Bradley, Consort of William H. Bradley & daughter or Robert and Elizabeth Foster who departed this life 18th of May 1847 aged 25 years 10 months & 11 days. She has left a husband and two small children to mourn her loss. She was a consistant member of the Church a model for virtue and benevolence and was characterized by all the graces that adorn the wife and the Christian.

Grave 8 - John Edward Foster, Born Nov. 30, 1819, Died April 30, 1859

Grave 9 - Robert J. Foster, Born Dec. 30, 1843, Died March 29, 1860

Grave 10 - Janie B. Foster, Born Nov. 25, 1854, Died Sept. 7, 1872

Grave 11 - Mrs. J. B. Foster, Born June 30, 1820, Died April 28, 1876

Third CemeteryEdit

Several feet further down road from Second Cemetery. Newer graves in this cemetery. Cemetery has red-brick wall on one side with double black wrought-iron gate in center. Black wrought-iron fence surrounds graves on other three sides.

Graves Inside FenceEdit

Single Grave Outside FenceEdit

Grave 1 - Mac, a great dog, 1981

Photograph ListEdit

The following photographs need to be matched to graves (above), where appropriate.

Grave 2

Grave 3

Grave 5

Grave 6

Grave 7

Grave 8

Grave 9

Grave 10

Grave 11

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Grave 13

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Grave 18

Grave 19

Grave 20

Grave 21

Grave 22

Grave 23

Grave 24

Grave 25

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Grave 27

Grave 28

Grave 29

Grave 30

Grave 31

Grave 32

Grave 33


  • Some transcriptions taken from photographs. Photographs taken in about June of 2006. Not all graves photographed.
  • Most of the information about this cemetery was copied with permission from McCormick County Cemeteries prepared by the McCormick County Historical Society in 1987, whose members are deeply thanked.

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