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May 19 is the 140th day of the year (141st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 225 days remaining until the end of the year.




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81 Familypedia people were born on May 19

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Charles George Arbuthnot (1824-1899)Alexander Arbuthnot (1768-1828)Margaret Phoebe Bingham
Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor (1879-1952)William Waldorf Astor, 1st Viscount Astor (1848-1919)Mary Dahlgren Paul (1858-1894)
Archie Smith Avery (1880-1938)Daniel Burton Avery (1850-1930)Emma Jane Smith (1855-1930)
Elizabeth Ann Bailey (1836-1903)John Thomas Bailey (c1810-1890)Elizabeth Ann Prosser (1814-1885)
William Jury Baker (1847-1899)Charles Baker (1814-1897)Maria Cramp (1829-1888)
Samuel Ballinger (1733-1822)Thomas Ballinger (1685-1739)Elizabeth Elkington (1696-1759)
Hendrika Johanna Banté (1796-1881)Harmen Hendrik Banté (1771-1846)Catharina Magreta Waage (1771-1809)
Catherine Ann Behan (1842-1942)Peter Behan (c1795-1874)Margaret Hogan (1812-1884)
David Joseph Billick (1947-)Paul Vincent Billick (1916-1996)Bonita Mae Jackson (1921-2000)
Henry Thomas Butler, 2nd Earl of Carrick (1746-1813)Somerset Hamilton Butler, 1st Earl of Carrick (1718-1774)Juliana Boyle (c1728-1804)
Jarusha Carter (1799-1835)John Carter (1759-1834)Lucinda Pratt (1774-1842)
Horace Bushnell Cheney (1868-1936)Frank Woodbridge Cheney (1832-1909)Mary Bushnell (1840-1917)
Francis Ann Clapp (1862-)Benjamin Lynn Clapp (1814-1865)Elvira Corinda Randall (1825-1876)
Robert Michael Cox (1868-1953)James Cox (1801-1891)Anne McKeone (1825-1915)
Annie Louisa Davis (1873-1957)Charles Davis (1836-1905)Emily Blanchford Gale (1852-1894)
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88 Familypedia people died on May 19

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mary Allred (1783-1820)William Allred (1756-1808)Elizabeth Thrasher (1754-1841)39
Geoffrey IV Martel (c1072-1106)Fulk IV, Count of Anjou (1043-1109)Ermengarde de Bourbon (c1050)34
John Frederick Archer (1886-1964)Robert Archer (1848-1929)Caroline Cramp (1849-1929)78
George Augustine (1916-1978)John Frederick Augustine (1886-1970)Cora Arledge (1886-1963)
Catherine Avery (1852-1921)James Avery (c1814-1875)Catherine Heaslip (c1825-1904)69
James Avison (1801-1847)James Avison (1774-)Mary Hallas (1777-)46
Curtis Bacon (1799-1882)Roger Bacon (1772-1841)Polly Tuller (1775-1861)
Mary Baldwin (1612-1670)58
Josiah Bartlett (1729-1795)Stephen Bartlett (1691-1773)Hannah Mary Webster (1692-1768)66
John de Beauchamp, 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Hacche (c1306-1343)John de Beauchamp, 1st Baron Beauchamp of Hacche (1274-1337)Joan Chenduit (-1327)
Anne Boleyn (c1505-1536)Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (c1477-1539)Elizabeth Howard (c1480-1538)31
Gheorghe Botez (1850-1902)Mihalache Botez (1815-1885)Zoe Alcaz (c1825-c1880)
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier (1929-1994)John Vernou Bouvier (1891-1957)Janet Norton Lee (1907-1989)65
Alexander Haverson Brock (1850-1880)Valentine Brock (c1821-1881)Bethany Ginn (c1820-1880)
David Truman Buckingham (1861-1911)John Buckingham (1828-1892)Rebecca Dillon (1832-1877)50
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81 Familypedia people were first married on May 19

 FatherMotherJoined with
Petrus Johannes Aarts (1867-1918)Johannis Aarts (1818-1900)Geertruida van Gog (1838-1897)Cornelia van Tol (1871-1942)
Abiel Abbot (1765-1859)Abiel Abbot (1741-1809)Dorcas Abbot (1744-1829)Elizabeth Abbot (1766-1853)
Elizabeth Abbot (1766-1853)John Abbot (1735-1818)Abigail Abbot (1734-1807)Abiel Abbot (1765-1859)
Joseph Wright Alsop (1838-1891)Joseph Wright Alsop (1804-1878)Mary Alsop Oliver (1815-1893)Elizabeth Winthrop Beach (1847-1889)
Phoebe Janet Arbuthnot (1881-1973)Charles George Arbuthnot (1824-1899)Caroline Charlotte Clarke (c1845-1909)David William Alexander Crombie (1874-1957)
Anna Maria von Anhalt (1561-1605)Joachim Ernst von Anhalt-Dessau (1536-1586)Agnes von Barby-Mühlingen (1540-1569)Joachim Frederick of Brieg (1550-1602)
Ina Jane Ashton (1886-1977)Edward Treharne Ashton (1855-1923)Cora May Lindsay (1864-1960)LeGrand Richards (1886-1983)
Georg Freiherr Bachofen von Echt (1930)Nicolette Horthy (1929-1990)
Elizabeth Winthrop Beach (1847-1889)Hunn Carrington Beach (1794-1873)Mary Charlotte de Koven (1812-1894)Joseph Wright Alsop (1838-1891)
Norma Teresa Birch (1926-2009)Arthur Edward Birch (1899-1970)Brenda Judith Mary McKenna (1904-1955)Robert Wallace Henderson (1922-2005)
Mary Jane Blanch (1862-1946)Thomas Edwin Blanch (1832-1891)Hannah Milgate (1839-1911)John Henry Wallis (1862-1935)
Isabella Hay Cameron (1791-1871)Charles Cameron (c1766-1820)Margaret Hay (1769-1832)Henry Charles Darling (1780-1845)
Arthur Capell, 1st Earl of Essex (1632-1683)Arthur Capell, 1st Baron Capell (1604-1649)Elizabeth Morrison (1613-1660)Elizabeth Percy (1636-1717)
Catherine de Valois (1428-1446)Charles VII de Valois (1403-1461)Marie of Anjou (1404-1463)Charles, Duke of Burgundy (1433-1477)
Charles, Duke of Burgundy (1433-1477)Philip III of Burgundy (1396-1467)Isabella of Portugal (1397-1472)Catherine de Valois (1428-1446)+Isabella of Bourbon (c1436-1465)+Margaret of York (1446-1503)
... further results
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