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May 17 is the 137th day of the year (138th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 228 days remaining until the end of the year.




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90 Familypedia people were born on May 17

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Alta Adams (1795-1835)Asahel Adams (1769-1844)Sarah Herrick (1758-1797)
Grace Allen (1719-1785)Thomas Allen (1690-1777)Sarah Grande (1688-1723)
Perlina Jane Allred (1833-1910)William Hackley Allred (1804-1890)Elizabeth Ivie (1807-1870)
Hannah Allyn (1705-1803)Joseph Allyn (1671-bef1743)Mary Doty (1671-bef1743)
Edna Floss Anderson (1893-1983)Andrew Charles Anderson (1860-1943)Sarah Elizabeth Williams (1864-1945)
John Bernard Arbuthnot (1875-1950)George Arbuthnot (1836-1912)Caroline Emma Nepean Aitchison (1848-1927)
Ann Avery (1843-1871)James Avery (c1814-1875)Catherine Heaslip (c1825-1904)
Gyöngyi Bali (1957)
Augusta Bayly (1808-1860)Nicholas Bayly (1769-1823)Sarah Laycock (1783-1820)
Samuel Blackman (1819-1903)Samuel A Blackman (1788-1843)Mary Hoskisson (1795-1857)
Jan Breed (1792-1848)Arien Breen (1740-1808)Dieuwertje Entes (1750-1812)
Jane Charlotte Bryant (1796-1869)William Bryant (c1776)Jane Lloyd (1770-1823)
Samual Edward Burgess (1861-)George Burgess (1829-1905)Mary Crouch (1836-1862)
Mary Buss (1813-1901)Samuel Standing (c1789)Sophia Buss (1793-1863)
Alexander William Calderwood (1920-1966)Alexander Henry Calderwood (1889-1941)Amelia Jane Llewellyn (1880-1939)
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95 Familypedia people died on May 17

 FatherMotherAge at death
Sarah Allerton (1670-1731)Isaac Allerton (1628-1701)Elizabeth Willoughby (1635-1672)74
Elizabeth Apps (1840-1915)William Apps (1813-1901)Philadelphia Foots (1813-1874)75
Lebrecht von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (1669-1727)Viktor I. Amadeus von Anhalt-Bernburg (1634-1718)Elisabeth von Pfalz-Zweibrücken (1642-1677)58
Antje Bakker (1822-1908)Klaas Bakker (1788-1846)Meinouwtje Jonker (1788-1837)
John Barney (1665-1728)Jacob Barney (1629-1693)Ann Witt (1638-1702)63
Mary F. Behre (1877-1925)George Ludwig Frederick Behre (1844-1911)Regina Tillman ( -aft1877)
Randall Bigelow (c1578-1626)Robert Bigelow (c1556-1582)Jane unknown (bef1578-)48
William Birdwood, 1st Baron Birdwood (1865-1951)Herbert Mills Birdwood (1837-1907)Edith Marion Sidonie Impey (1843-1912)86
William Jefferson Blythe (1918-1946)William Jefferson Blythe (1884-1935)Lou Birchie Ayers (1893-1946)28
George Boleyn (c1504-1536)Thomas Boleyn, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (c1477-1539)Elizabeth Howard (c1480-1538)32
Florence Mary Bootle-Wilbraham (1863-1944)Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Earl of Lathom (1837-1898)Alice Villiers (1841-1897)81
John Branch (1628-1711)Peter Branch (1596-1638)Elisabeth Gillame (1596-1632)83
Henry John Buttsworth (1847-1918)John Buttsworth (1824-1896)Priscilla Anne Jones (1827-1897)71
Andrew Cabot (1750-1791)Joseph Cabot (1720-1767)Elizabeth Higginson (1722-1781)41
Mary of Hungary (c1372-1395)Louis I of Hungary (1326-1382)Elizabeth of Bosnia (c1339-1387)23
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90 Familypedia people were first married on May 17

 FatherMotherJoined with
Obadiah Allen (1694-1781)Elnathan Allen (1666-1735)Mercy Rice (1670-1727)Susanah Pratt (1693-1740) + Jemima Weeks (1701-1739)
Charles Andrews (1827-1918)George Andrews (1793-1873)Polly Walker (1797-1886)Marcia Shankland (1832-1921)
Frederick III of Sicily (1272-1337)Pedro III de Aragón (1240-1285)Constance of Sicily (1249-1302)Eleanor of Anjou (1289-1341) + Sibilla Sormella
John George Argent (1854-1918)John Argent (c1826-1892)Louisa Ann Laxton (c1829-1918)Mary Ann Chivell (1853-1939)
William Jury Baker (1847-1899)Charles Baker (1814-1897)Maria Cramp (1829-1888)Mary Ann Maria Payne (1848-1923)
Annie Maria Ball (1868-1957)Edward Ball (1834-1877)Ann Dornan (-1921)Thomas Henry Salmon (1861-1933)
Will Battams (1754-1839)William Battams (c1721)Ann Unknown (1725-1798)Susannah Harrowell (1755-1826)
Lajos Ernő Batthyány de Németújvár (1696-1765)Adam Batthyány (1662-1703)Eleonore von Strattmann (1672-1741)Maria Theresia Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau (1700-1775)
Edward Beecroft (1827-1880)Edward Beecroft (1799-1857)Corah Maskey (1809-1881)Mary Bushell (1829-1904)
George Robert Boon (1859-1924)Nathaniel Boon (1824-1911)Harriet Sarah Woodbridge (1836-1865)Clara Jones (1862-1949)
Nathan Bradley (1631-1701)Mary Evans (1640-1711)
Petra Laurentina Brinkhorst (1966)Laurens Jan Brinkhorst (1937)Jantien Heringa (1935)Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau (1969)
Kenneth Duva Burke (1897-1993)James Leslie Burke (1872-)Lillian May Duva (c1880-)Lily Mary Batterham (1891-1961)+Elizabeth Batterham (c1902-)
Mary Bushell (1829-1904)Paul Bushell (c1768-1853)Isabella Brown (1801-1883)Edward Beecroft (1827-1880)
Alice Carpenter (1583-1670)Alexander Carpenter (1546-1612)Priscilla Dillion (1552-1653)Edward Southworth (c1592-1622) + William Bradford (1590-1657)
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