Matthew Borland sold Lot #13 in New Hagerstown, OH to James Forbes Sr on 13 Jun 1826. By 1830, Matthew had moved to Lawrence Co., IN. In 1831 he was an early landowner in Lawrence county owning 160 acres at 5n-1w-S10 (the east side) between Salt Creek and Bedford. He also served as a Justice of the Peace. At an early day there were three important cabinet shops in Bedford. These were owned by Matthew Borland, William Templeton and Joseph Culbertson. Each made tables, stands, bureaus, cupboards, chairs, bedsteads, coffins, etc. About three workmen were constantly employed in each shop. Two of these shops ran for many years. When the Bedford branch of the State Bank of Indiana was organized in 1834, some of its leading stockholders included David and Matthew Borland. Matthew is buried at Green Hill Cemetery, Bedford, IN beside his wife, Sarah.


Marriage to Sarah Wilson[]

On January 22, 1831, Matthew married Sarah Wilson in Lawrence, Indiana.