Mathis Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA


  • location: This cemetery is located north of McCormick on Highway 82 near John de la Howe School. Cross Long Cane Creek, turn left toward de la Howe and go to second road to left at top of hill. Turn immediately to right on dirt road and go approx. 1/4 mile to pasture fence. Cross fence, turn left, watch for cedar grove on left. Cemetery is located in this cedar grove at top of hill.

Grave ListEdit

Grave 1 - John Mathis, Born Mar. 14, 1885, Died Oct. 4, 1888, A little bud of love, In bloom with God above

Grave 2 - Mary Mathis, Born Jan. 31, 1835, Died Dec. 18 1901, A little bud of love, To bloom with God above (stone lying on ground)

Grave 3 - Stone removed from one grave recently. Imprint still in ground. Small field rock placed for head and one old brick for foot stone.


Grave 4 - James G. Mathis, Born Dec. 12, 1828, Died Febr. 29, 1904, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Rev. XIV; 13

Grave 5 - Robert Mathis, July 13, 1899, March 29,1913, Darling we miss thee

  • Two graves marked with flat pointed stones but no markings on the stone. Faint print can be seen on one but it is illegible. Several other gravesites marked with field stones. Cemetery was once surrounded by old wire which is mangled now.


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