Mary Warren Pierce was born 25 May 1675 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to John Warren (1622-1703) and Michal Jennison (1640-1713) and died April 1709 in Southold, Suffolk County, New York of unspecified causes. She married Josiah Pierce (1675-1747) 30 December 1698 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.
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Vital Statistics


Salem Witch Trials

At age 20, Mary Warren was the servant of farmer John Proctor in Salem Village, MA in 1692, during the time of the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Mary started experiencing fits and convulsions along with some other girls and accused others as witches and tormenting them.

John Proctor was one of the first prominent citizens in Salem accuse the girls of lying and suggested that they deserved a good thrashing that might whip the truth out of them. Mary stopped having fits, but then the other girls betrayed her friendship and now accused her of being a witch. She was arrested and spent three weeks in jail with repeated visits by the magistrates. After her confession of being overcome by the devil, she found that if she acted as the other girls and magistrations expected of her, she would be released and left unpunished.

These the girls then accused his wife, Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft. John Proctor was later accused and hanged in 1692 as a witch. His wife was also found guilty by trial, but spared execution because she was pregnant at the time. with a son soon to be named John Proctor III.

Salem Trial Dispute

This Mary being the same that participated in the Salem Witch Trials is much debated. The Witch Trials Mary is believed to by the daughter of Abraham and Isabel Warren of Salem who both died while Mary was young. This created the situation where Mary became the indentured servant to the Proctors. Another story reports that possible Mary died in 1697.

Marriage & Family

  1. Isaac Pierce (1700-1773) - m. Susanna Bemis in Lexington MA
  2. Mary Pierce (1702-1760) - m. Thomas Fiske in Watertown MA
  3. Elizabeth Pierce (1703-) - m. Phineas Gleason
  4. Sarah Pierce (1705-1747) - m. James Tufts Jr in Medford MA
  5. Lydia Pierce (1706-1730) - m. Hezekiah Meriam
  6. Prudence Pierce (1707-1803)
  7. Eunice Pierce (1708-1795) - m. Isaac Child
  8. Grace Pierce (1711-1747)
  9. Lois Pierce (1715-1778) - m. Joseph Muzzey
  10. Ruhama Pierce (1718-1778) - m. John Child


Offspring of Josiah Pierce and Mary Warren (1675-1732)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Isaac Pierce (1700-1773) 19 September 1700 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 21 August 1773 Waltham, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Susanna Bemis (1700-1742)

Mary Pierce (1702-1760)
Elizabeth Pierce (1703-)
Sarah Pierce (1705-1747)
Lydia Pierce (1706-1730)
Prudence Pierce (1707-1803)
Eunice Pierce (1708-1795)
Grace Pierce (1711-1747)
Lois Pierce (1715-1778)
Ruhama Pierce (1718-1778)


Offspring of John Warren and Michal Jennison (1640-1713)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Margaret Warren (b1668)
Sarah Warren (b1670)
Elizabeth Warren (1673-1774) 8 July 1673 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 3 March 1774 Marlborough, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Daniel Harrington (1683-1723)

Mary Warren (1675-1732) 25 May 1675 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts April 1709 Southold, Suffolk County, New York Josiah Pierce (1675-1747)

John Warren (1678-1726) 21 May 1678 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 29 July 1726 Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Abagail Hastings (1680-1710)
Lydia Fisk (1687-1761)

Grace Warren (1680-1767)
Samuel Warren (1683-1703)
Damaris Warren (1685-)


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