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Mary Ann is the daughter of William Marks (c1803-1861) and Ann Lamb (1816-1894).

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Mary has the same mother as:

Name Variations[edit | edit source]

  • Mary Ann Marks
  • Mary Ann Reed
  • Mary Ann Reid

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mary Ann was born at Salem Vale a property that was later purchased and renamed Markdale by her father. Her birth was registered in 1846 in New South Wales. Mary Ann was born before William and Ann married and William is not mentioned on her birth certificate. It is therefore quite possible thay William is not her biological father. She was christened on 25 December 1837 at the Church of England Church in Narellan, New South Wales.

Mary married Joseph Reed on 14 Aug 1854 in Curch of England Church in Bigga, New South Wales. On her death certificate it lists her as living in WA for 14 years. Hence she may have lived there for the 8 years before the death of her husband. She was buried on 14 September 1914 in the Church of England section of Karrakatta Cemetery, Western Australia, Australia.

[Mary Ann's baptism was performed and recorded by Thomas Hassall on 25 Dec 1837 (although she was born 25 April 1835). William Marks is definitely recorded as her father.]

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