Mary Abbott (1629-1669) Early Settler in Providence, RI

Vital Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Daughter of Daniel Abbott (1584-1647) and Mary___.
  • 1629-Dec-13 : Birth (in England)
  • 1630: Migration to America with Parents to Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • 1638: Relocation to Providence RI
  • 1651: Marriage to Thomas Walling (1625-1674) in Providence, RI
  • 1669: Died in Providence, RI - (close to birth of last child)

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mary Abbott was the daughter of Daniel Abbott and Mary (Unknown). Mary Abbott was born on 13-Dec-1629 at Cambridge, Middlesex County, Massachusetts (Obvious Error - as her father immigrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1630). She married Thomas Walling between 22-Jan-1651 and 28-May-1651 at Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Mary Abbott died in 1669 at Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island.

On 22-Jan-1651 Roger Williams wrote a letter from Narragansett to the "town fathers" of Providence, regarding Mary Abbot and the man she might marry. Mr. Williams wrote that he had heard the young man was "laborous," but also suggested that he (Thomas) needed to "forsake his former courses;" the townsmen should seek assurances and get a "certificate" to insure the "he is not engaged to other women."

She witnessed the legal of Daniel Abbott on 28-May-1651; Another estate paper was filed. The court ordered that "Thomas Harris and Nicholas Power shall equally divide the goats and goods and what else that belongs to the orphans of Daniel Abbott, deceased and possess Thomas Walling, husband of Mary Abbott, daughter of Daniel, with one-half of the goats and goods and the other half to Daniel, son of the deceased."

Children of Mary Abbott and Thomas Walling[edit | edit source]

All children born in Providence, RI

  1. Gershom Walling (1655-1727) - b. 1655, d. 1727
  2. Abrigal Walling (1664-1677) - b. 1664, d. 1677
  3. Thomas Walling 2nd (1667-1724) - b. 8-Feb-1666/67, d. 22-Oct-1724
  4. James Walling (1669-1753) - b. 8-Feb-1669, d. 4-Apr-1753

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