Martin de Laon (c660-bef696) was born circa 660 to Hugobert von Echternach (bef645-c698) and Irmina von Oeren (bef645-) . He married Bertrada of Prüm (670-) .

Martin van LAON

Martin was the count of Laon in the late 7th century. He is the father of Caribert of Laon, and great-grandfather of Charlemagne

Geboren circa 660; Gestorven voor 696

Count of Laon, Comte de Laon

Ouders Hugobert von Echternach BEF 645-ca 698 + Irmina ?? BEF 645

Gehuwd met Bertrada van Austrasie der MEROVINGEN BEF 675-AFT 721 (Ouders : Theoderik III (Diederik) der MEROVINGEN /650-691 & Clothilde (Chrodechildis) ?? ca 650-692

Caribert of Laon (bef705-bef762) = Heribert (Charibert, Hardrad) van LAON 690-


Offspring of Martin de Laon and Bertrada of Prüm (670-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Caribert of Laon (bef705-bef762) 705 762 Bertrada of Cologne (690-aft721)
Rolande de Laon (c685-) 685 Bernhar d'Autun (c680-)

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