Children of Martha Walker (c1747-?) by Alexander Montgomry (?-?) Edit This List
Alexander Montgomery (1762-?) 1 Feb. 1762 Orange Co. North Carolina Mary Elizabeth Johnson French Broad River Tennessee.
John Montgomery 5 Aug. 1764 Orange Co. North Carolina. (1) Susanna Porter, his first cousin, on 5 Aug. 1785. She died on

30 Nov. 1802. He married (2) Elizabeth Harris on 20 No. 1804. She was born about 1770 and died 14 Sept.1846.

Michael Montgomery 1765 before October 1836 Parke County, Indiana died intestetate
Philip Montgomery 1767 Margery McClintock 25Nov. 1814 Floyd Co. Kentucky. "Tradition says that Philip and Joseph

Montgomery were brothers of James and William Montgomery. It was also reported that Philip fought in the Revolution, but it seems more likely it was the War of 1812 (?)."

Joseph Montgomery 1770 "Tradition says that Joseph

was in an Indian skirmish. The story goes that he and some comrades had been on a river and were trying to reach a fort on the bank. While running from the river to the fort, one of the comrades was wounded, and Joseph stopped to help him and he was himself wounded in the hip, however,they both managed to reach the fort."

James Montgomery c1773 Elizabeth Gibson 1794

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