Marion Branch (AKA: Moscow Branch / Marion County Branch) - (Not to be confused with Buttahatchee Branch. Not to be confused either with Marion AL in Perry County, Alabama.)

They were part of the contingent of Dixie Saints that joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and formed small branches in Mississippi and Alabama. In 1846 many of these left their extended family and followed prophet Brigham Young (1801-1877) and the church to Salt Lake Valley.

This is an informal census based on currently available genealogical information to help their descendants to better understand and appreciate their ancestral roots.

Because of their experience with farming cotton in the Deep South, many of this groups were called to participate in the Mormon Cotton mission to settle Washington County, Utah and raise cotton there from 1850-1868. Afterwards many moved further south to help establish Mormon settlements in Arizona and pursue their warm-weather farming talents there.


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  • SEE ALSO: AO Smoot Journal 1 (SOURCE PART: p.223, 230, 231) - A.O. Smoot visits Br. Halliday's many times, organizes branch Feb 25 1845

1845 Census[]

Family of John Price[]

John married Jane Eliza Adair, sister to William Richey's wife and aunt to James Richey (1821-1890). She had several children from prior marriages (Carson & Pearson). All ages approximate to 1845.

Family of William Richey[]

Lived earlier in Pickens County, but were actually part of the Buttahatchie 1845 LDS Branch. Includes wife Margaret Ann Adair (1804-1852) and oldest son James Richey (1821-1890).