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On death certificate: Margaret died on 9th May 1865 at Grabben Gullen. She was a housekeeper and she was 57 years old. She died of lumbago which she'd had for 3 days (that's what it says) and there wasn't a medical attendant (obviously). Margaret's father was Michael Riley, he was a farmer and her mother was Bridget Fogerty. The death was certified by John Breen, husband of deceased of Grabben Gullen. The particulars of the registration includes an unreadable signature, 14th June 1865 and Yass. Margaret was buried on 11th May 1865 at Wheeo and the undertaker was listed as John Breen. No minister in attendance and the witness was Thomas Glennan. Margaret was born in Tipperary, Ireland and had been in New South Wales for 16 years. She was married in Ireland and instead of age they have 'in the year 1824' and instead of to whom they have 'Margaret Riley'. under children they have 3 males living and 1 female deceased. They didn't list the living children. Nuisance.


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