Margaret Mary Lynch was born 15 October 1938 in Minnesota, United States to Matthias William Lynch (1907-1963) and Agnes Mary Ockenfels (1912-2008) and died 15 October 1938 in Minnesota, United States of unspecified causes. Ancestors are from the United States, Germany, Canada, Ireland, France.


Margaret was a twin. She lived for only a few hours after her birth. Her twin, Ann Adelhied Lynch (1938-Living), survived. They were known to be fraternal twins by the hair color. Margaret had black hair while Ann had blond. The parents had not known they were expecting twins. When they were born it was obvious that Margaret would not survive due to her tiny weight and her trouble breathing.


According to Agnes, her father Peter, who was very sick with cancer at the time, had watched many grandchildren be born. He kept expecting twins, but never got them, until Margaret and Ann were born. He held them both and said, "Well now, I finally have my twins."


After her death Margaret was buried with her grandfather, Peter Paul Ockenfels (1868-1938) who died only a couple weeks after her birth. They share a grave, but not a coffin.

The name on her death certificate is listed as Mary Margaret Lynch, but her mother and sister both call her Margaret.



Offspring of Matthias Lynch and Agnes Mary Ockenfels (1912-2008)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Margaret Mary Lynch (1938-1938) 15 October 1938 Minnesota, United States 15 October 1938 Minnesota, United States
Ann Adelheid Lynch (1938) 15 October 1938 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Jimmie F Feralin (1934)
Carl John Conrad (1930-2008)

Peter Arthur Lynch (1940-1995) 13 December 1940 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 27 May 1995 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Marty Mikolajczyk (Living)

Mary Agnes Lynch (1943) 11 March 1943 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Robert Benkufsky (1938)

Matthias Anthony Lynch (1944) 28 October 1944 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Cynthia Ann Olson (1948)
Margaret Joan Bohmfalk (1958)

Francis Arthur Lynch (1947-2008) 15 April 1947 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 23 April 2008 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Jane (Living)

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