Margaret James
Sex: Female
Birth: 1762 Cornwall, England
Baptism: 25/04/1762, St Hillary, Cornwall
Death: 04/06/1839 Nancemellin, Camborne, Cornwall
Father: Joel James
Mother: Mary Carne
Spouse/Partner: Peter Trounson
Marriage: 09/08/1787 St Erth, Cornwall

Margaret James was baptised on 25th April 1762 in St Hillary, Cornwall, England. Her parents were Joel and Mary James (nee Carne). The surname 'Came' for Margeret's mother is a mistranscription of the surname 'Carne'.

Margaret's siblings were Joel, Elizabeth and Ann (another sister named Elizabeth died young).

Section of Peter Trounson's will showing that it proved in favour of his widow Margaret


Margaret married at aged 25 to Peter Trounson, son of Peter and Joan Trounson (nee Karn) from Ludgvan. The couple married in St Erth on 9th August 1787, and witnesses to the marriage were a Edward Rawlings and Joel James (possibly Margaret's father or brother). Peter was a sojourner to St Erth at the time of the marriage and was employed as a labourer.

The couple settled and had 9 known children. Although St Erth is recorded as the location for all the baptisms of the children, they may not have all been born there. Daughter Ann is known to have been born in St Hillary and baptised in St Erth.


Death certificate of Margaret Trounson (nee James)

Husband Peter died in December of 1836 at aged 75. His residence at the time was St Erth, and he was buried in St Hillary on 05/12/1836. Eldest son Peter had died only 6 months before.

Peter left a will in which Margaret benefitted by obtaining a small annity of 5 pounds a year and a quarter of the property that her yeoman husband farmed. The property was called 'Jerico' and the remaining three quarters of the property were left to their son James.

Margaret outlived her husband by three years. She died on 4th June, 1839 at Nancemellin in Camborne, and was buried at St Hillary on 10/6/1839, aged 77. Her cause of death was natural decay and a 'Mary Peters' was present at her death. On her death certificate, her husband's last occupation was recorded as farmer.


Name Birth Death
Children of Peter & Margaret Trounson

Peter baptised 02/11/1788
baptised St Erth, Cornwall
buried 23/06/1836 St Hillary
Relubbus, Cornwall

Ann baptised 13/2/1791 St Erth
St Hillary, Cornwall
buried 16/12/1880 Tuckingmill
Tuckingmill, Cornwall

Joel James baptised 29/12/1793
baptised St Erth, Cornwall
Dec Q 1850
Penzance District, Cornwall

James baptised 30/10/1796
baptised St Erth, Cornwall
before 1871

Margaret baptised 11/11/1798
baptised St Erth, Cornwall

Thomas baptised 29/6/1800
baptised St Erth, Cornwall
buried 13/1/1822 St Hillary
Rosudgeon, Cornwall

Mary baptised 25/7/1802
baptised St Erth, Cornwall

Elizabeth baptised 01/09/1805
baptised St Erth, Cornwall

Jennifer baptised 20/08/1809
baptised St Erth, Cornwall