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March 9 is the 69th day of the year (70th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 296 days remaining until the end of the year.

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101 Familypedia people were born on March 9

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Orson Bennett Adams (1815-1901)Elisha Bennett Adams (1778-1845)Asenath Lucy Camp (1783-1864)
Esther Arndell (1797-1828)John Arndell (1772-1805)Elizabeth Jackson (1771-1837)
Sophia Augusta von Anhalt-Zerbst (1663-1694)Johann von Anhalt-Zerbst (1621-1667)Sofie Auguste von Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf (1630-1680)
Sarah Baker (1641-1709)John Baker (1598-1680)Elizabeth Day (1606-1666)
Bethiah Barker (1719-1762)John Barker (1678-1745)Bethiah Ford (1688-1770)
Lyman Waterman Besse (1854-1930)Sylvanus Besse (1809-1865)Lucy Ann Waterman (1815-1889)
Claus Bostelmann (1735-1803)
Robert Merrill Bottom (1917-1993)William Dell Bottom (1881-1963)Cordelia Pearl Matherly (1882-1962)
Samuel Bowker (1794-1836)Isaiah Bowker (1763-1845)Martha Branin (1760-)
Zabdiel Boylston (1679-1766)Thomas Boylston (1644-1695)Mary Gardner (1648-1722)
Hannah Brigham (1650-1719)Thomas Brigham (1603-1653)Mercy Hurd (1616-1693)
Hannah Brigham (1706-1781)Nathan Brigham (1671-1747)Elizabeth Maynard (1664-1733)
John Brigham (1645-1728)Thomas Brigham (1603-1653)Mercy Hurd (1616-1693)
Thomas Brigham (1641-1717)Thomas Brigham (1603-1653)Mercy Hurd (1616-1693)
Allan Reginald Buttsworth (1939-1996)Reginald Harcourt Buttsworth (1913-1996)Emily May Gough (1918-1989)
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105 Familypedia people died on March 9

 FatherMotherAge at death
Mary Adams (1667-1706)Joseph Adams (1626-1694)Abigail Baxter (1634-1692)39
John Armstrong (1717-1795)78
Siegfried I. von Weimar-Orlamünde (c1075-1113)Adalbert II von Ballenstedt (c1030-c1080)Adelheid von Weimar (c1055-1100)38
John Bagley (1685-1727)Orlando Bagley (1658-1727)Sarah Sargent (1651-1701)42
John Finley Baldwin (1915-1966)John Finley Baldwin (1873-1956)Helen Linekin (1875-1945)51
Myrtle Bankston (1899-1990)George Theodore Bankston (1854-1942)Rebecca Millie Pigott91
Samuel Bartlett (1691-1750)Samuel Bartlett (1662-1713)Hannah Pabodie (1662-1723)59
Daisy Annie Bell (1885-1956)William George Bell (1836-1906)Mary Sarah Gill (1850-1924)71
Jonathan Bingham (1735-1812)Jonathan Bingham (1712-1800)Mary Abbe (1712-1735)77
Benjamin Frederick Blake (1815-1884)Isaac Blake (1786-1865)Sophia Wood (1790-1865)
Hendrik Bogaard (1898-1978)Jan Gotfried BogaardAgnes Faceel80
Lucien Emery Bowen (1884-1946)Lucien E. Bowen (1858-1943)Mary Schwalmeier (1859-1886)62
Peter Bulkeley (1582-1659)Edward Bulkeley (1540-1620)Olive Irby (c1547-1614)77
Andrew Burnaby (1732-1812)Andrew Burnaby (1702-1776)Hannah Beaumont (1705-1757)80
Mabel Cabot (1873-1937)Walter Channing Cabot (1829-1904)Elizabeth Rogers Mason (1834-1920)64
... further results

101 Familypedia people were first married on March 9

 FatherMotherJoined with
Benedict Arnold (1642-1727)Benedict Arnold (1615-1678)Damaris Westcott (1621-1678)Mary Turner (1653-1690)+Sarah Mumford (1668-1746)
Ellen Bardsley (1819-1864)William Bardsley (1777-1841)Nancy Spittle (1781-1840)John Mangum (1817-1881)
John Prescott Bigelow (1797-1872)Timothy Bigelow (1767-1821)Lucy Prescott (1767-1852)Louisa Ann Brown (1802-1847)
Lucy Bishop (1747-1783)Caleb Bishop (1715-1785)Keziah Hibbard (1722-c1776)Benajah Strong (1740-1809)
Adelaide Mary Blackman (1856-1906)George Blackman (1809-bef1888)Susannah Raven (1820-1905)Thomas William Lawson (1853-1912)
Gertrude Sarah Blackman (1858-1948)William Richard Blackman (1825-1898)Mary Single (1832-1909)Charles Henry Tuckerman (1830-1911)
Ann Smith Bowman (1799-1882)Peter Bowman (c1777-)Margaret Boyer (c1777-1830)James Turner (1782-1843)
Louisa Ann Brown (1802-1847)David Lawrence Brown (c1765-)John Prescott Bigelow (1797-1872)
Mary Chase (1650-1725)Aquila Chase (1618-1670)Anne Wheeler (1621-1687)John Stephens (1650-1725)
Hannah Chilcott (1818-1880)James Chilcott (c1781-1859)Elizabeth Waterson (1783-1872)Michael Cunneen (c1811-1876)
George Thomas Clemson (1839-1872)William Henry Clemson (1807-1887)Elizabeth Sharp (1815-1894)Mary Ann Smith (1845-1918)
Susannah Collits (1829-1856)John Philmore Collits (1803-1886)Hannah Lees (1804-1874)James Lewis (1823-1893)
Amy Cecelia Cooper (1804-1852)Joseph Aldrich (1801-) + Brigham Young (1801-1877)
Elizabeth Doty (c1694-?)Samuel Doty (c1643-1715)Jane Harmon (c1660-aft1716)David Martin (1696-aft1743)
Anne Fuller (1703-1741)John Fuller (1656-1726)Mehitabel Rowley (1660-1732)Jonathan Rowley (1704-1772)
... further results
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