Manvydas of Lithuania was born circa 1304 to Gediminas (c1275-1341) and Jewna of Polotsk (c1280-c1344) and died 2 February 1348 Battle of Strėva (1348) of killed in battle.

Manvydas or Monwid (Russian: Монтивид;c1304-1348), Prince of Slonim (1341-1348) was the eldest son of Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and inherited Kernavė and Slonim after his father's death in 1341. Nothing else is known about his life.

Earlier it was believed that he was the eldest son and was born about 1288 [1]. However, new research has rejected this view. For example, a Polish historian Tengovsky believes he was the youngest son of Grand Duke was born between 1313 and 1315.[2] .

Matthias of Neuenburg mentioned that two sons of Gediminas perished in the Battle of Strėva in February 1348. One was Narimantas and the other is believed to be Manvydas.

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Offspring of Manvydas of Lithuania and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
[[  ]]

NAME Manvydas
ALTERNATIVE NAMES Mantvydas, Monwid, Монтивид
SHORT DESCRIPTION Eldest son of Gediminas
PLACE OF DEATH Battle of Strėva

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