MaGrath Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA


  • location: Go north from McCormick on Hwy 28, turn left at first road past Buffalo Church S-33-276. Proceed on this road until you reach a silo on right. Follow old road on left side of main road. This old road bears to right until you reach the lake edge. Watch for several very old oak trees. Cemetery situated around them. An old wire fence long since rusted away once surrounded the cemetery which contains 5 marked gravesites. Size of fence lends evidence of more graves but no mounds or markers of any kind proves this.

Grave ListEdit

Only information on 3 stones:

Grave 1 - J. P. MaGrath, M. C. MaGrath, J. T. MaGrath

Grave 2 - Martha J. Willey - Died Nov. 22, 1887, aged 50 years

Grave 3 - To my wife Nettie - Wife of J. L. Richey, Born March 22, 1866, Died March 10, 1908


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