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  • First President of the first stake of LDS Church in Arizona: Little Colorado Stake.

Maj. Lot Smith was born 15 May 1830 in Williamstown, Oswego County, New York to William Orville Smith (1800-1849) and Rhoda Hough (1802-1845) and died 21 June 1892 Indian Fight of Shooting. He married Lydia Minerva McBride (1832-1908) 3 June 1851 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He married Alice Ann Richards (1849-1940) 30 May 1868 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah. He married Mary Marinda Garn (1852-1916) 13 July 1878 in St. George, Washington County, Utah.


  • Lot was born on his mother's 25th birthday He named a child for her.
  • He went with The Mormon Battalion at age 16, was its youngest serving member
  • Active with Brigham Young's horse herd on Antelope Island.
  • 1856 he hurried to the handcart companies in peril on the Wyoming Plains.
  • Lot burned the US Army's supplies, ran off their stock stranded Johnston's Army in the 1857 Wyoming winter, the delay lead to peace, not war. Served as Major in the Utah Militia.
  • Went on mission to England.
  • Colonized Arizona (1874-1892) with wives Alice Ann and Alice B.
  • Was shot by a Navajo bullet in back near Tuba City, AZ in 1892.
  • Body exhumed and sent to Farmington UT - 1902.
  • Horse: Stonewall Cloud /
  • 8 wives / Children 52

Early Years

Lot joined the Latter-day Saint Church at an early age in New York. There he became a close friend of Orrin Porter Rockwell and was known as "The Horseman" for his exceptional skills on horseback as well as for his help in rounding up wild mustangs on Utah's Antelope Island.

At sixteen, Smith became the youngest member of Company E of The Mormon Battalion and served on the journey through the southwest to San Diego, where the group was mustered out of service. He then came back across the mountains to the Great Salt Lake, where he became a military leader in the Nauvoo Legion in Utah.

Deseret Militia

He was officer of the Deseret militia; defended settlers at Provo against Indians; major of the Utah militia and in charge at the burning of Johnton's army provision trains on their way to Echo Canyon, Utah.

The President and US Senate had chosen to remove then-governor Brigham Young from office based on reports from federal officials assigned to Utah who had abandoned their assignments and returned to the east. Young's replacement as governor of Utah territory Alfred Cumming was escorted by a contingent of 2,500 Federal troops led by Gen. Albert Johnston as part of what was called the Utah Expedition. The army's orders were to support the installment of the new governor, using force as necessary as resistance was expected based on the official's reports.

Smith was sent on a special mission by Young, who hoped to delay the arrival of the troops in the hope that a diplomatic breakthrough could be reached before the troops reached Salt Lake City. Smith led a group of Nauvoo Legion rangers east across Wyoming along the stretch where the California, Oregon and Mormon Trails merge. Eventually he found the Union wagon train and destroyed several wagons. Lot Smith and his rangers held off the Federal soldiers in the cold weather. He did so without his troops harming any soldiers on the Federal side. For many Mormons, Lot Smith and his men are considered heroes.

Smith's efforts delayed the US forces from reaching Utah in 1857, forcing them to winter at Fort Bridger, Wyoming.

Settlement in Arizona

Gravestone of Lot Smith in Farmington UT

Lot spent much of his later life serving the Church in Arizona. He was shot by an Indian during an altercation over sheep.

Lot's body was buried in a lonely spot and the only marking of the grave was a small plum tree. It lay there for nearly ten years, but through the untiring efforts of some of his comrades, and the assistance of the Church authorities, his remains were exhumed and brought to Farmington, Utah, his old home. Memorial services were held at Farmington on the 8th of April 1902, the casket was draped with the American flag.

Marriage & Family

Some grandchildren have red hair. The others are envious. Colonized Arizona (1874-1892) with wives Alice Ann and Alice B. He added wives Mary and Diantha.

1st Marriage: Lydia McBride

Married Lydia Minerva McBride (1832-1908), 3 Jun 1851, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

2nd Marriage: Jane Walker

Married Jane Walker (1832-1912), 14 Feb 1852, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

3rd Marriage: Julia Ann Smith

Married Julia Ann Smith (1837-1923), 25 Nov 1855, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah She was previously married to Lot's brother Hyrum Smith (1835-1855).

4th Marriage: Laura Burdick

Married Laura Louisa Burdick (1838-1895), 3 Jan 1858, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. She was the daughter of Alden Burdick (1803-1845), a veteran of Zion's Camp (1834).

5th Marriage: Alice Ann Richards

Married Alice Ann Richards (1849-1940), 30 May 1868, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

6th Marriage: Alice Baugh

Married Alice Mary Baugh (1853-1947), 29 Apr 1872, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

7th Marriage: Mary Garn

Married Mary Marinda Garn (1852-1916), 13 Jun 1878, St. George, Washington, Utah.

8th Marriage: Diantha Mortensen

Married Diantha Elizabeth Mortensen (1861-1922), 21 Oct 1880, St. George, Washington, Utah. After Lot's death, she married Julius Peter Christensen, 21 Jun 1895, Tuba City, Coconino, Arizona.


Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Lydia Minerva McBride (1832-1908)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Lot Samuel Smith (1856-1927)
Robert Burton Taylor Smith (1862-1897)

Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Jane Walker (1832-1912)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Rhoda Jane Smith (1852-1913)
William Lot Smith (1855-1932)
Jedediah Heber Smith (1857-1894)
Emily Abigail Smith (1859-1901)
Annetta Smith (1863-1935)
Alice Smith (1865-1910)
Margaret Agnes Smith (1868-1940)
Lucy Effie Smith (1874-1938)

Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Julia Ann Smith (1837-1923)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Phoebe Vilate Smith (1857-1930)
Marie Louisa Smith (1861-1934)
Adelaide Smith (1863-1864)
Sarah Teresa Smith (1866-1867)
Hyrum Burton Smith (1869-1910)
Julia Amanda Smith (1875-1958)

Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Laura Louisa Burdick (1838-1895)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Helen Mar Smith (1862-1907)
Lydia Mae Smith (1864-1940)
Abiah Ann Smith (1867-1919)
Laura Luisa Smith (1868-1944)
Alden Burdick Smith (1872-1937)

Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Alice Ann Richards (1849-1940)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Nannie Amelia Smith (1869-1936)
Willard Richards Smith (1872-1951)
Lot Smith (1877-1913)
Wilford Woodruff Smith (1879-1883)
Joseph Howe Smith (1882-1972)
Rhoda Minerva Smith (1885-1886)
Roxie Alice Smith (1887-1888)
George Albert Smith (1889-1967)

Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Alice Mary Baugh (1853-1947)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Elizabeth Jane Smith (1873-1876)
Mary Melissa Smith (1875-1956)
Brigham Grant Smith (1878-1957)
Diantha Smith (1880-1961)
Franklin Dewey Smith (1882-1933)
Jesse Nathaniel Smith (1884-1886)
Martha Smith (1887-1981)
Charles Rich Smith (1888-1908)
Katharine Smith (1891-1969)

Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Mary Marinda Garn (1852-1916)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Lorenzo Lot Smith (1880-1936)
Alma Smith (1888-1964)
James Hollomon Smith (1889-1963)
Frances Mary Smith (1891-1918)

Offspring of Maj. Lot Smith and Diantha Elizabeth Mortensen (1861-1922)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Charlotte Elizabeth Smith (1881-1963)
Hyrum Smith (1883-1905)
Nephi Smith (1885-1886)
Diantha Smith (1886-1977)
Nephi Lot Smith (1889-1982)
Edwin Dilworth Smith (1891-1952)
James Martin Smith (1892-1970)




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