This is a list of notable Hispanic and Latino Americans: citizens or residents of the United States with origins in Hispanic America or Spain.[1] The following groups are officially designated as "Spanish/Hispanic/Latino":[2] Mexican American, (Stateside) Puerto Rican, Cuban American, Dominican American, Costa Rican American, Guatemalan American, Honduran American, Nicaraguan American, Panamanian American, Salvadoran American, Argentine American, Bolivian American, Chilean American, Colombian American, Ecuadorian American, Paraguayan American, Peruvian American, Spanish American, Uruguayan American, and Venezuelan American. However, Hispanic or Latino people can have any ancestry.

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  • Monica Ponce de Leon – first Hispanic architect to receive the National Design Award in Architecture from the Smithsonian; has received over 12 Progressive Architecture Awards and the Design Award Medal from the Academy of Arts and Letters; first Hispanic dean at the University of Michigan


Joseph Phillip Martinez was the first Mexican-American in the 20th century to receive a Master of Architecture degree from Harvard University. He was the founding Dean at The New School of Architecture; he previously taught at UC Berkeley. His broad professional practice has garnered various awards including a National AIA Presidential Award, Normal Heights Restoration Plan, and a National AIA Citation, Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School. He was named by the National Association of Land Grant Universities and Colleges as Alumni of the Century for the University of California San Diego—only other Mexican-American honored was Henry Cisneros from Texas A&M University. He was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from California Rural Legal Assistance; moreover, he was honored by Barrio Station with a Lifetime Achievement Award. For more than 40 years his Eclectic Design Methodology has resulted in a portfolio of unique works of Architecture, he is the “Father of Chicano Architecture”. In addition to professional practice, he is a staff writer for ByDesign E-magazine via UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.




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  • Ted Cruz – United States Senator representing Texas and first Hispanic American to hold that position
Tom Perez (cropped)

Thomas Perez


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  • Martha E. Bernal (1931–2001) – Mexican-American clinical psychologist, first Latina to receive a psychology PhD in the United States
  • Antonia Novello (b. 1944) – Puerto Rican physician, 14th Surgeon General of the United States, first woman and first Hispanic to hold the position
  • Sarah Stewart (1905–1976) – Mexican-American microbiologist; discovered the Polyomavirus
  • Helen Rodríguez Trías (1929–2001) – Puerto Rican American pediatrician, advocate for women's reproductive rights
  • Melba J. T. Vasquez (b. 1951) – counseling psychologist and first Latina president of the American Psychological Association
  • Lydia Villa-Komaroff (b. 1947) – Mexican-American cellular biologist; third Mexican American woman in the United States to receive a PhD in the sciences
  • Rodolfo Llinas (b. 1934) – Colombian American neuroscientist


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