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This is a list of the rulers of Aragon, now a region of north-eastern Spain. The Kingdom of Aragon included the present-day autonomous community of Aragon. Later Kings of Aragon also ruled the Principality of Catalonia, the Kingdom of Valencia, the Kingdom of Majorca, the Kingdom of Sicily, the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica, and assorted territories in the south of France, including the city of Montpellier. This state is referred to as the Crown of Aragon, as opposed to the Kingdom of Aragon (i.e. Aragon proper).

Monarchs of AragonEdit

House of Jiménez, 1035–1164Edit

With the death of Sancho III of Navarre, Aragon fell to his son Ramiro, who quickly elevated it into an autonomous state.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Ramiro I
February 1035 – 8 May 1063
Remiro I d'Aragón1007
son of Sancho III of Navarre and Sancha de Aybar
Ermesinda of Bigorre
22 August 1036
5 children
8 May 1063
Sancho Ramírez
(also King of Navarre from 1076)
8 May 1063 – 4 June 1094
Sancho Remíriz1042
son of Ramiro I of Aragon and Ermesinda of Bigorre
Isabel of Urgel
1 child

Felicie de Roucy
3 children
4 June 1094
aged 48
Peter I
(also King of Navarre)
4 June 1094 – 28 September 1104
Pietro I d'Aragón1068
son of Sancho Ramírez and Isabel of Urgel
Agnes of Aquitaine
2 children

Bertha of Italy
No children
28 September 1104
Aran Valley
aged 36
Alfonso I the Battler
(also King of Navarre)
28 September 1104 – 8 September 1134
Alifonso I d'Aragón1073
son of Sancho Ramírez, King of Aragón and Navarre and Felicie de Roucy
Urraca of Castile
No children
8 September 1134
aged 61
Ramiro II the Monk
8 September 1134 – 13 November 1137
Remiro II d'Aragón1075
son of Sancho Ramírez and Felicie de Roucy
Agnes of Aquitaine
1 child
16 August 1157
aged 82
Petronilla I
13 November 1137 – 18 July 1164
Petronila29 July 1136
daughter of Ramiro II of Aragon and Agnes of Aquitaine
Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona
11 August 1137
5 children
16 October 1174
aged 38

House of Aragon and Barcelona, 1164–1410Edit

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Alfonso II the Troubadour
18 July 1164 – 25 April 1196
Alifonso II d'Aragón1157
son of Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona and Petronilla of Aragon
Sancha of Castile
7 children
25 April 1196
aged 44
Peter II the Catholic
25 April 1196 – 13 September 1213
Pietro II d'Aragón1178
son of Alfonso II of Aragon and Sancha of Castile
Marie of Montpellier
15 June 1204
2 children
12 September 1213
Battle of Muret
aged ca. 35
James I the Conqueror
13 September 1213 – 27 July 1276
Chaime I d'Aragón2 February 1208
son of Peter II of Aragon and Marie of Montpellier
Leanor of Castile
1 child

Violant of Hungary
10 children

Teresa Gil de Vidaure
2 children
27 July 1276
aged 68
Peter III the Great
27 July 1276 – 2 November 1285
Pietro III d'Aragón1240
son of James I of Aragon and Yolanda of Hungary
Constance of Sicily
13 June 1262
6 child
2 November 1285
Vilafranca del Penedès
aged 45
Alfonso III the Liberal
2 November 1285 – 18 June 1291
Alifonso III d'Aragón1265
son of Peter III of Aragon and Constance of Sicily
Eleanor of England
15 August 1290
No children
18 June 1291
aged 27
James II the Fair
18 June 1291 – 2 November 1327
Chaime II d'Aragón10 August 1267
son of Peter III and Constance of Sicily
Isabella of Castile
1 December 1291
No children

Blanche of Anjou
29 October 1295
10 children

Marie de Lusignan
15 June 1315
No children

Elisenda de Montcada
25 December 1322
No children
5 November 1327
aged 60
Alfonso IV the Kind
2 November 1327 – 24 January 1336
Alifonso IV d'Aragón1299
son of James II of Aragon and Blanche of Anjou
Teresa d'Entença
7 children

Eleanor of Castile
2 children
27 January 1336
aged 37
Peter IV the Ceremonious
24 January 1336 – 5 January 1387
Pietro IV d'Aragón5 October 1319
son of Alfonso IV and Teresa d'Entença
Maria of Navarre
2 children

Leonor of Portugal
No children

Eleanor of Sicily
4 children
5 January 1387
aged 68
John I the Hunter
5 January 1387 – 19 May 1396
Chuan I d'Aragón27 December 1350
son of Peter IV of Aragon and Eleanor of Sicily
Martha of Armagnac
1 child

Yolande of Bar
3 children
19 May 1396
aged 46
Martin I the Humane
19 May 1396 – 31 May 1410
Detall del quadre "Visió del rei Martí I", Josep Vergara Gimeno, Museu d Belles Arts de Castelló1356
son of Peter IV of Aragon and Eleanor of Sicily
Maria de Luna
13 June 1372
4 children

Margaret of Prades
No children
31 May 1410
aged 54

Martin was last direct descendant of Wilfred I the Hairy, Count of Barcelona to rule; died without legitimate heirs.

House of Trastámara, 1412–1516Edit

While this dynasty is sometimes referred to as Aragonese in texts, in actually they were not part of the House of Aragon of the previous dynasty, but of the House of Trastámara, who had previously ruled the Crown of Castile.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Ferdinand I the Honest
24 June 1412 – 2 April 1416
Ferrando I d'Aragón27 November 1380
Medina del Campo
son of John I of Castile and Eleanor of Aragon
Eleanor of Alburquerque
8 children
2 April 1416
aged 36
Alfonso V the Magnanimous
2 April 1416 – 27 June 1458
Medina del Campo
son of Ferdinand I and Eleanor of Alburquerque
Maria of Castile
No children
27 June 1458
aged 52
John II the Great
27 June 1458 – 19 January 1479
Chuan II d'Aragón29 June 1397
Medina del Campo
son of Ferdinand I and Eleanor of Alburquerque
Blanche I of Navarre
6 November 1419
4 children

Juana Enríquez
2 children
20 January 1479
aged 81
Ferdinand II the Catholic
19 January 1479 – 23 January 1516
Michel Sittow 00410 March 1452
son of John II of Aragon and Juana Enriquez
Isabella I of Castile
19 October 1469
5 children

Germaine of Foix
No children
23 January 1516
aged 63
Joanna I the Mad
23 January 1516 – 12 April 1555
Johanna I van Castilië6 November 1479
daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile
Philip I of Castile
20 October 1496
6 children
12 April 1555
aged 75

Claimants against John II, 1462–1472Edit

During the Catalonian Civil War, there were three who claimed his throne, though this never included the Kingdom of Valencia.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Henry IV of Castile
House of Trastámara
Enrique IV5 January 1425
son of John II of Castile and Maria of Aragon
Joan of Portugal
1 child
11 December 1474
aged 49
Peter V of Aragon
House of Aviz
son of Infante Peter, Duke of Coimbra and Isabella of Urgell
never married1466
aged 37
House of Valois-Anjou
04.Le roi Rene16 January 1409
Château d'Angers
son of Louis II of Naples and Yolande of Aragon
Isabelle de Lorraine
10 children

Jeanne de Laval
10 September 1454
No children
10 July 1480
aged 71

House of Habsburg, 1516–1700Edit

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles I the Emperor
23 January 1516 – 16 January 1556
Pantoja de la Cruz after Titian - Charles V in Armour24 February 1500
son of Philip I of Castile and Juana of Castile
Isabella of Portugal
10 March 1526
3 children
21 September 1558
aged 58
Philip I the Prudent
16 January 1556 – 13 September 1598
Philip II21 May 1527
son of Charles I and Isabella of Portugal
Maria of Portugal
1 child

Mary I of England
No children

Elisabeth of Valois
2 children

Anna of Austria
4 May 1570
5 children
13 September 1598
aged 71
Philip II the Pious
13 September 1598 – 31 March 1621
Felipe-III-de-Espana A-Vidal14 April 1578
son of Philip I and Anna of Austria
Margaret of Austria
18 April 1599
5 children
31 March 1621
aged 42
Philip III the Great
31 March 1621 – 17 September 1665
Velázquez - Felipe IV con un león (Museo del Prado, 1650s), estudio8 April 1605
son of Philip II and Margaret of Austria
Elisabeth of Bourbon
7 children

Mariana of Austria
5 children
17 September 1665
aged 60
Charles II the Bewitched
17 September 1665 – 1 November 1700
Carlos II, con armadura6 November 1661
son of Philip III and Mariana of Austria
Maria Luisa of Orléans
19 November 1679
No children

Maria Anna of Neuburg
14 May 1690
No children
1 November 1700
aged 38

Aragon itself stayed loyal to Philip IV during the Reapers' War while Catalonia switched allegiance to Louis XIII and Louis XIV of France the Sun-King, see List of Counts of Barcelona. Portugal seceded in 1640. Charles II died without heirs.

House of Bourbon, 1700–1705Edit

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Philip IV the Spirited
1 November 1700 – 1705
Felipe V; Rey de España19 December 1683
son of Louis, Dauphin of France and Maria Anna of Bavaria
Maria Luisa of Savoy
2 November 1701
4 children

Elisabeth of Parma
24 December 1714
7 children
9 July 1746
aged 62

House of Habsburg, 1705–1714Edit

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles III the Archduke
Carles-III-de-Catalunya1 October 1685
son of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and Eleonore-Magdalena of Pfalz-Neuburg
Elisabeth Christine
1 August 1708
4 children
20 October 1740
aged 55

During the war (officially in 1707) Philip d'Anjou, the first of the Bourbon empire in Spain, disbanded the Crown of Aragon. After this time, there are no more Aragonese monarchs. Nevertheless, Spanish monarchs up to Isabella II, while styling themselves king/queen of Spain on coins, still used some of the traditional nomenclature of the defunct Crown of Aragon in their official documents: King/Queen of Castile, Leon, Aragon, both Sicilies, Jerusalem, Navarra, Granada, Toledo, Valencia, Galicia, Majorca, Sevilla, Sardinia, Cordova, Corsica, Murcia, Jaen, the Algarve, Algeciras, Gibraltar, the Canary Islands, the Eastern & Western Indias, the Islands & Mainland of the Ocean sea; Archduke of Austria; Duke of Burgundy, Brabant, Milan; Count of Habsburg, Flanders, Tyrol, Barcelona; Lord of Biscay, Molina.

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