Lidia Baditz was born 1 March 1777 in Križevci, Murska Sobota, Yugoslavia and died 13 May 1832 Bőny, Győr county, Hungary of unspecified causes. She married Sándor Takó 5 June 1800 in Rétalap, Győr county, Hungary.


Offspring of Lidia Baditz and Sándor Takó
Name Birth Death Joined with
Lajos Takó(1802) 16 February 1802 Ászár, Komárom county, Hungary
Krisztina Takó(1804-1820) 2 April 1804 Császár, Komárom county, Hungary 1820
Miklós Takó(1806-1865) 24 August 1806 Császár, Komárom county, Hungary 7 August 1865 Kerékteleki, Komárom county, Hungary Terézia Molnár(1810-1893)
Johanna Takó(1815-1884) 5 June 1810 Császár, Komárom county, Hungary János Szarka(1804-)
István Takó(1812-1873) 4 October 1812 Császár, Komárom county, Hungary 20 August 1873 Győr, Győr county, Hungary Krisztina Laky(1815-1850)
Borbála Takó(1815-1884) 19 July 1815 Császár, Komárom county, Hungary 14 August 1884 Sárospatak, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, Hungary Lajos Nagy(1805-1863)
Zsófia Takó(1817-1851) 29 October 1817 Császár, Komárom county, Hungary 22 June 1851 Mezőszentgyörgy, Veszprém county, Hungary László Fodor(1818-)
Lajos Takó (1820-c1890) 19 January 1820 Császár, Komárom, Hungary 1890 Terézia Konkoly-Thege (1826-1878) Terézia Konkoly-Thege (1826-1878) Antónia Lujza Patonay



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