Leon Ghica-Dumbrăveni was born 1831 to Tudorache Gheoca (c1800-c1850) and Pulcheria Mavrocordat (c1810-c1870) and died 1881 of unspecified causes.

Leon Ghica was born under the name of Leondari Gheoaca and is not related to the princely Ghyka family. He took the name of Ghica (which his father had also assumed) and in order to avoid confusions with other branches of the Ghica/Ghika/Ghyka family is know under the name of Ghica-Dumbrăveni.

The Gheoacă family was a family of landowners owning the estate of Dumbrăveni, Neamț

Leon Ghica entered politics and was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldavia in from 5 October 1861 to 22 January 1862, in the Alexandru Moruzi government, before the formal union of the Romanian principalities.


Offspring of Leon Ghica and Ecaterina Balș (1835-1913)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Leon Ghica-Dumbrăveni (1861-1929) 1861 1929
Natalia Ghica-Dumbrăveni (1861-1931)
Theodor Ghica-Dumbrăveni (1863-1935)



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