Lee Cemetery, McCormick County, South Carolina, USA


  • location: Highway S 33-19. Approx. 1/4 mile behind St. Mary's Church is an open field. About half way through open field on left side is a trail. Follow this trail approx. 300 yards. Cemetery is on right of trail just past a group of cedar trees. Only 5 graves are marked.

Grave ListEdit

Grave 1 - Joseph F. Lee, M.D., Born in Charlston Sept. 3, 1791, Practiced medicine for many years on John's Island. Mooved (sic) to Abbeville Co. in 1837, and Died Aug. 28, 1863 in the 73 year of his age. "Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace."

Grave 2 - Sarah J. A. Lee, Wife of Dr. Joseph F. Lee and second daughter of the late Thomas Simmonds, of John's Island, who departed this life on the 4th of October 1854 in the fiftieth year of her age and in communion of the Protestant Episcopal Church. "I am the resurrection and the life." (Engraved on bottom right corner of slab J.D.C. Abbeville, S.C.)

Grave 3 - Stephen Lee, Born in Charleston, 1782, Died Sept. 19, 1864, "Died as he lived an honest man and a Christian."

Grave 4 - Mrs. Elizabeth C. Lee, Wife of Stephen Lee Esq. who departed this life on the thirtieth of July, 1841. Aged forty five years, one month and eight days. As a wife she was most affectionate. As a Relative, Friend, and Mistress she fulfilled every duty. Her kindness to the Orphan, her benevolence to the poor, Her hospitality to all: her desire to do Justice and her many Christian Virtues: With a disposition where benevolence and mildness were equally tempered endeared her to every one. Her Religion served her not only to live by but to die by for She took her final leave without a murmer. Her bereaved Husband who erects this marble to her memory Still lives to pine over the extinction of his fairest hopes and fondest whishes; and to experience how long "The heart may break and brokenly live on."

Slave107px-BLAKE10 Grave 5, The grave with the following inscription on the headstone is located approximately 25 feet from the four Lee graves beside two more unmarked graves - In memory of HARRY, Aged 70 years. A faithful Servant.

An assortment of rocks scattered around which could be used as grave markers lend evidence that others may have been buried here but time and possibly animals have placed them in such irregular patterns that this can no longer be proved.


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