The Lee-Hamblin family is a political family rooted in the American West. It is intertwined closely with the Udall family, and most, though not all the notable Lees are also Udall descendants. John D. Lee is also a direct descendent of Richard Lee II of the Lee family of Virginia.[1]

J. David Lee 1851-1922, a son of John D. Lee, had two wives. His famous descendants all come through his second wife Inez Hamblin, who was a daughter of Jacob Hamblin. Together they have the unique distinction of having four great-grandchildren as U.S. Senators from 4 different U.S. States.


Morris K. Udall, U.S. Representative for Arizona and 1976 U.S. Presidential candidate
Stewart Udall, U.S. Representative for Arizona and U.S. Secretary of the Interior
Rex E. Lee, U.S. Solicitor General


Mike Lee, U.S. Senator for Utah
Thomas R. Lee, Associate Justice, Utah Supreme Court
Gordon H. Smith, U.S. Senator for Oregon
Mark Udall, U.S. Senator for Colorado
Tom Udall, U.S. Senator for New Mexico
Milan Smith, Jr., Federal Judge, U.S. 9th Circuit



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