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Landsborough County is one of the 141 Cadastral divisions of New South Wales. It is located to the north-west of the Darling River.

Landsborough County was named in honour of the explorer William Landsborough (1825-1886).[1]

Parishes within this county[]

A full list of parishes found within this county; their current LGA and mapping coordinates to the approximate centre of each location is as follows:

Parish LGA Coordinates
Barcoola Bourke Shire 30°22′22″S 145°11′42″E / -30.37278, 145.195 (Barcoola)
Biparo Bourke Shire 30°15′24″S 144°15′33″E / -30.25667, 144.25917 (Biparo)
Burry Gurry Bourke Shire 30°16′45″S 145°08′16″E / -30.27917, 145.13778 (Burry Gurry)
Campamooka Bourke Shire 30°43′53″S 144°36′39″E / -30.73139, 144.61083 (Campamooka)
Coolpooka Bourke Shire 30°21′58″S 144°51′38″E / -30.36611, 144.86056 (Coolpooka)
Coonong Bourke Shire 30°27′10″S 144°32′46″E / -30.45278, 144.54611 (Coonong)
Delta Bourke Shire 30°27′46″S 144°55′29″E / -30.46278, 144.92472 (Delta)
Dunlop Bourke Shire unknown
Goolgumbla Bourke Shire 30°16′30″S 144°23′56″E / -30.275, 144.39889 (Goolgumbla)
Happy Valley Bourke Shire 30°20′05″S 145°00′49″E / -30.33472, 145.01361 (Happy Valley)
Hora Bourke Shire 30°29′14″S 144°40′14″E / -30.48722, 144.67056 (Hora)
Hylaman Bourke Shire 30°40′04″S 144°48′18″E / -30.66778, 144.805 (Hylaman)
Jung Jung Bourke Shire 30°38′21″S 144°39′46″E / -30.63917, 144.66278 (Jung Jung)
Kapiti Bourke Shire unknown
Mulyah Bourke Shire 30°35′34″S 144°28′06″E / -30.59278, 144.46833 (Mulyah)
Nalticomebee Bourke Shire 30°28′27″S 145°05′12″E / -30.47417, 145.08667 (Nalticomebee)
Newfoundland Bourke Shire 30°49′25″S 144°39′52″E / -30.82361, 144.66444 (Newfoundland)
Pelora Bourke Shire 30°18′48″S 144°39′46″E / -30.31333, 144.66278 (Pelora)
Singoramba Bourke Shire 30°13′38″S 144°37′43″E / -30.22722, 144.62861 (Singoramba)
Talowla Bourke Shire 30°17′32″S 145°14′15″E / -30.29222, 145.2375 (Talowla)
Tindeanda Bourke Shire 30°23′14″S 144°17′33″E / -30.38722, 144.2925 (Tindeanda)
Uliara Bourke Shire 30°21′21″S 145°20′41″E / -30.35583, 145.34472 (Uliara)
Wilson Bourke Shire 30°10′10″S 144°54′54″E / -30.16944, 144.915 (Wilson)
Windoley Unincorporated 30°16′20″S 144°05′27″E / -30.27222, 144.09083 (Windoley)
Yarramarra Bourke Shire 30°14′53″S 145°19′23″E / -30.24806, 145.32306 (Yarramarra)


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