Irina Bud de Budfalva, Lady of Budfalva, Lady of Bothfalva, Baroness de Dolha and Petrova (Dolhay and Petrovay), was born 1901 in Austro-Hungarian Empire to Lord János Bud de Budfalva and Baroness Anna Tisza de Borosjenő et Szeged and died 1980 Romania of unspecified causes. She married Baron Vasile Mihalca de Dolha and Petrova 1924 .

Lady Irina was a aristocrat from the Both noble family and a protector of the Jewish people from Oaș Country during the Holocaust.[1] She was a cousin of János Bud de Budfalva, Minister of Finance (between 1924 and 1928), Minister of Food (in 1922), Minister of Economy and Minister of Trade (between 1929 and 1931) of the Kingdom of Hungary, and of Tit Bud de Budești (Budfalva), Vicar of Maramureș, Vice-President of the Association for the Culture of the Romanian People in Maramures, a historian and folklorist.




Four or more generations of descendants of Lady Irina Bud de Budfalva if they are properly linked:
1. Lady Irina Bud de Budfalva

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