Kyul Khan was born 9999 in 1190 to Genghis Khan (c1162-1227) and Hulan and died 1238 Battle of Kolomna (1238) of Killed in battle. Genghis Khan (c1162-1227)/s.



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Kyul Khan (Kulkan, Kyulkan; Mong. Hүlgen ) - Mongolian commander son of Chingiz Khan by his second wife, Merkitki Hulan. He was killed during the Battle of Kolomna (1238) [1] . He was the only Chingizid killed in the course of the conquest of Rus' and the campaigns of the Horde of the conquest.

Kyul Khan had four sons, the eldest of whom was Kucha. The great-grandson of Kulkhan Ebugen, apparently, took part in the rebellion against Khubilai and was executed [2].

Kyulkhan is one of the characters of Vasili Yang 's novel "Baty" .


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