Konstantin Yaroslavich of Galich-Dmitrov was born 1225 to Yaroslav II Vsevolodovich of Vladimir (1191-1246) and Rostislava Mstislavna of Smolensk (c1202-1244) and died 1255 Vladimir, Vladimir Oblast, Russia of unspecified causes.

Mentioned in the chronicles for the first time under 1238 among the princes who survived the invasion of Batu Khan . In 1243, the Grand Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich went to the Golden Horde to Batu Khan, and sent his son Konstantin to Karakorum. Konstantin returned to his father in 1245 "with honor." A year later, Yaroslav Vsevolodovich died, and Konstantin received the Principality of Galich-Dmitrov.

Konstantin died in the spring of 1255 and was buried in the Dormition Cathedral of Vladimir Left two sons who inherited his principality: Davyd + Vasili.


Offspring of Konstantin Yaroslavich of Galich-Dmitrov and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Davyd Konstantinovich of Galich-Dmitrov (c1246-1280) 1246 1280 Eldest Daughter of Fyodor Rostislavich (c1261-c1310)
Vasili Konstantinovich of Galich-Dmitrov (c1250-1310) 1250 1310



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