Konstantin Romanovich of Ryazan, Prince of Pronsk, Grand Prince of Ryazan, was born 1260 to Roman Olgovich of Ryazan (1237-1270) and Anastasya NN and died 1306 Moscow, Russia of Murder.

Konstantin Romanovich (c1360-1306, Moscow ) - Grand Prince of Ryazan (1299 - 1301), the son of Roman Olgovich.


In the 1300/1301 Daniil Aleksandrovich of Moscow (1261-1303) marched against Konstantin, probably in order to take Kolomna. Though the Tatars also participated in the battle on the side of the Principality of Ryazan, Konstantin lost the battle being betrayed by his boyars. Konstatin was taken to Moscow as a prisoner, where he was kept in "honor", and Daniil promised to set him free and to allow him to return to Ryazan. But, for some reason, the matter dragged on and in 1303 Daniil died in 1303 while Konstantin was still in captivity. In 1306, Daniil's son and successor, Yuri Danilovich, ordered him to be killed.

After Konstantin's murder, the town of Kolomna had been part of Ryazan was taken over by Moscow and the throne of Ryazan was ascended by one of Konstantin's sons - Vasily [1][2] or Yaroslav [3].


Brothers :

Wife : Feodosya (Fyodora) NN

Children :

Igor Glebovich Ryazanskiy

Ingvar Igorovich Ryazanskiy

Agrafena Rostislavna, princess of Smolensk

Oleg Ingvarevich Red

Roman Olgovich Ryazanskiy

Yaroslav Romanovich Ryazanskiy





Offspring of Konstantin Romanovich of Ryazan and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
Vasili Konstantinovich of Ryazan (c1282-1308) 1282 1308
Yaroslav Konstantinovich of Ryazan (c1285-c1308) 1285 1308



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Konstantin Romanovich of Ryazan
Born: 1260 Died: 1306
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Yaroslav Romanovich
Prince of Pronsk
Succeeded by
Ivan Yaroslavich
Preceded by
Yaroslav Romanovich
Grand Prince of Ryazan
Succeeded by
Vasili Konstantinovich
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