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July 8 is the 189th day of the year (190th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 176 days remaining until the end of the year.




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81 Familypedia people were born on July 8

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Pál Abonyi (1907-c1980)
Rebecca Frances Adair (1835-1836)Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Jemima Catherina Mangum (1809-1848)
William Apps (1835-1911)William Apps (1813-1901)Philadelphia Foots (1813-1874)
Hanna Assarsdotter (1821-1891)Asser Pehrsson (1790-1869)Boel Pehrsdotter (1792-aft1834)
Hugh Dudley Auchincloss (1858-1913)John L. Auchincloss (1810-1876)Elizabeth Buck (1816-1902)
Kevin Norwood Bacon (1958-)Edmund Norwood Bacon (1910-2005)Ruth Hilda Holmes (1916-1991)
George Hunt Barton (1852-1933)George Barton (1824-1894)Mary Susan Hunt (1821-1863)
John Herbert Essel Bayliss (1868-1931)John Bayliss (1838-1917)Susannah Merrick (1841-1916)
Angelina Bonanno (1913-1989)Salvatore BonannoSerafina Tartaglia
Florence Mary Bootle-Wilbraham (1863-1944)Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, 1st Earl of Lathom (1837-1898)Alice Villiers (1841-1897)
Edward Bubley (1893-1969)
Teunis Buis (1864-1897)Klaas Buis (1824-1895)Trijntje Pennekamp (1822-1909)
Martha Stewart Bulloch (1835-1884)James Stephens Bulloch (1793-1849)Martha Stewart (1799-1862)
Thomas Butler (1634-1680)James Butler (1610-1688)Elizabeth Preston, 2nd Lady Dingwall (1615-1684)
James Chester Campbell, Viscount Emlyn (1998)Colin Robert Vaughan Campbell, 7th Earl Cawdor (1962)Isabella Rachel Stanhope (1966)
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97 Familypedia people died on July 8

 FatherMotherAge at death
Samuel Nathaniel Alford (1885-1961)Needham Jasper Alford (1860-1907)Nancy Isobella Collins (1865-1894)
Otto I von Brandenburg (c1127-1184)Albrecht von Brandenburg (c1100-1170)Sophie von Winzenburg (c1105-1160)57
Mary Anne Ashley-Cooper (c1766-1854)Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 4th Earl of Shaftesbury (1711-1771)Mary Bouverie (1730-1804)88
Hannah Austin (1815-1879)John Austin (c1790)Mary Ann Moon (c1794)64
Frank Badior (1863-1949)Christian Badior (c1824-1888)Agnes Engleman (c1822-c1884)86
Cornelis (Kees) Barendregt (1954-1996)Hendrik Jacob (Henk) Barendregt (living)Barbara Davison (1930-)
Donald Clinton Barton (1889-1939)George Hunt Barton (1852-1933)Eva May Beede (1855-1932)50
Ádám Bethlen de Bethlen (1691-1748)Sámuel Bethlen de Bethlen (1663-1708)Borbála Nagy de Borsa (1666-1708)
Thomas Blogget (c1605-1642)
Elizabeth Ann Bloomer (1918-2011)William Stephenson Bloomer (1874-1934)Hortense Neahr (1884-1948)93
Johanna Botman (1850-1883)Meindert Jansz Botman (1815-1856)Rigt Kok (1819-1893)
Ernest James Bray (1896-1975)Edward Charles Bray (1857-1942)Lucy Muriel Howard (1872-1963)79
Anne Bushnell (1674-1745)Richard Bushnell (1652-1727)Elizabeth Adgate (1651-1713)71
Charlotte Cadogan (1781-1853)Charles Sloane Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadogan (1728-1807)Mary Churchill (1758-)72
Michelle de Valois (1395-1422)Charles VI de Valois (1368-1422)Elisabeth von Bayern-Ingolstadt (1371-1435)27
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81 Familypedia people were first married on July 8

 FatherMotherJoined with
Thomas Bardolf, 5th Baron Bardolf (1369-1408)William Bardolf, 4th Baron Bardolf (1349-1386)Agnes Poynings (1350-1403)Anice de Cromwell (-1421)
James Asheton Bayard (1799-1880)James Asheton Bayard (1767-1815)Ann Bassett (1777-1854)Ann Francis (1802-1864)
John Bowden (1915-2002)Ilona Edelsheim-Gyulai (1918-2013)
Lionel Branch (1566-1605)William Branch (1525-1601)Katherine Jennings (c1532-1597)Valentina Sparke (c1576-c1640)
Alice Brand (1840-1925)Henry Bouverie William Brand, 1st Viscount Hampden (1814-1892)Eliza Ellice (1818-1899)Henry Thomas Farquhar, 4th Bart (1838-1916)
Augusta Ada Byron (1815-1852)George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron (1788-1824)Anne Isabella Milbanke (1792-1860)William King-Noel, 1st Earl of Lovelace (1805-1893)
George Canning (1770-1827)George Canning (c1736-1771)Mary Anne Costello (c1746-1827)Joan Scott, 1st Viscountess Canning (1777-c1837)
Francis Henry Harold Carr (1890-1954)Abraham Carr (1857-1933)Ruth Baker (1860-1937)Caroline Alma Want (1892-c1980)
Porter Ralph Chandler (1899-1979)Porter Ralph Chandler (1869-1899)Mary Wharton Wadsworth (1866-1927)Margaret Gabrielle Chanler (1897-1958)
Margaret Gabrielle Chanler (1897-1958)Winthrop Astor Chanler (1863-1926)Margaret Louisa Terry (1862-1952)Porter Ralph Chandler (1899-1979)
William Cox (c1844-1926)Daniel Cox (c1807-1878)Marion McLean (-1891)Florence Eliza Highfield (1868-1944)
Elisabeth von Rietberg (c1475-1512)Johann I. von Rietberg (c1450-1516)Margarethe zur Lippe (c1452-aft1490)Edzard I. von Ostfriesland (1462-1528)
Mary Derby (1737-1813)Richard Derby (1712-1783)Mary Hodges (1713-1770)George Crowninshield (1734-1815)
John Doty (1700-c1749)John Doty (1668-c1747)Mehitable Nelson (1670-)Lydia Dunham (c1704-aft1752)
Henry Thomas Farquhar, 4th Bart (1838-1916)Walter Rockcliffe Farquhar, 3rd Bart (1810-1900)Mary Octavia Somerset (1814-1906)Alice Brand (1840-1925)
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