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July 6 is the 187th day of the year (188th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 178 days remaining until the end of the year.

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115 Familypedia people were born on July 6

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Dora Gertrude Alce (1878-1952)John Alce (1835-1922)Mary Ann Watkins (1837-1912)
Amanda Ayres (1922-1995)
Elizabeth Baldwin (1725-1777)Sylvester Baldwin (1677-1732)Elizabeth Avery (1692-1728)
Deborah Barouch (1927-2010)
Charles Monroe Bickham (1847-1910)Thomas Carroll BickhamElizabeth Magee (1823-1874)
Millicent Mary Blunt (1884-1960)Frederick Lynch Blunt (1848-1898)Mary Richey (1850-1940)
Eliza Ann Boardman (1849-1919)William Boardman (1801-1867)Melinda Boothby (1811-1885)
Jeffrey Bonet (1869-1930)James Bonet (1829-1900)Alice McCool (1830-1900)
Patricia Bowes-Lyon (1916-1917)John Herbert Bowes-Lyon (1886-1930)Fenella Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis (1889-1966)
Elizabeth Howard Brabyn (1805-1881)John Brabyn (1758-1835)Sarah Howard Elliott (1768-1847)
Agatha Bryant (1712-1746)Jonathon Bryant (1677-1715)Deborah Barstow (1681-1778)
James Buckman (1846-1923)Jabez Buckman (1818-1901)Mary Ann Albury (1821-1906)
Margaret Burkhalter (1845-1940)
George Walker Bush (1946)George Herbert Walker Bush (1924-2018)Barbara Pierce (1925-2018)
Karl Tyko Byström (1886-?)Karl Johan Byström (1857-?)Jakobina Bernhardina Katarina Pettersson (1857-?)
... further results

121 Familypedia people died on July 6

 FatherMotherAge at death
Julia Abbot (1900-1979)Jordan Abbot (1876-1960)Helen O'Malley (1879-1959)
Samuel Jefferson Adair (1806-1889)Thomas Adair (1774-1858)Rebecca Brown (1776-1846)
Dorothy Arens (1905-1930)
Charles Artlett (1838-1906)Charles Artlett (bef1837)Lucy Unknown (bef1837)68
Rebecca Bake (1808-1885)Jacob Bake (1773-1849)Catherine Reppert (1779-1851)77
Charles Balfour (c1823-1872)James Balfour (1775-1845)Eleanor Maitland (1790-1869)
Nicholas Paget Bayly (1860-1883)Nicholas Paget Bayly (1814-1879)Sarah Amelia Blackman (1827-1909)23
Jonathan Belden (1660-1734)John Belden (1631-1677)Lydia Standish (1640-1679)74
William Bowden (1796-1882)William Bowden (1774-1833)Elizabeth Young (1775-1841)86
William Bradford (1728-1808)Samuel Bradford (1683-1740)Sarah Gray (1697-1770)
Elizabeth Bristow (1771-1848)77
Sylvanus Brown (1747-1822)Richard Brown (1726-1786)Abigail Bridgeman (1712-)
Abraham Bryant (1640-1720)
Charles James Bullivant (1818-1874)Charles James Bullivant (1798-1879)Maria Ikin (1792-1869)56
Hans Bunn (1840-1920)
... further results

69 Familypedia people were first married on July 6

 FatherMotherJoined with
William Foster Apthorp (1848-1913)Robert East Apthorp (c1815-1882)Eliza Henshaw Hunt (1817-1903)Octavie Loir Iasigi (1857-1944)
Thomas Arthur (c1835-1902)Thomas Arthur (c1790-c1860)Jane Unknown (c1806-)Ann Goddard (c1833-1915)
Sarah Baker (1801-1868)William Baker (1775-1828)Sarah Draper (1773-1827)John Single (1791-1858)
Mary Ann Barnes (1830-1914)Joel Barnes (1807-1874)Anne Bennett (1808-)
Mervyn Everard Alexander Benge (1922-1994)William Reuben Benge (1874-1930)Elizabeth Ida Lillian Clemens (1880-1932)Estella May Wallis (1924-1987)
Elizabeth Botting (1684-1759)William Botting (1649-1715)Elizabeth (bef1671)John Lamport (1680)
James Botting (1716)Nicholas Botting (1676-1752)Ann Antil (bef1703)Sarah Botten (c1719)
Elizabeth Bowden (1852-1923)Frank Bowden (1828-1869)Sarah Wattus (1830-1883)Thomas William Kitcher (1842-1908)
Ann Bowmer (1769-1840)John Bowmer (c1740-)Hannah Wylam (1740-1802)John Richardson (1769-1848)
Mary Ann Bradshaw (c1803-1839)Francis Todd (1791-1852)
John Bruster (1631-1691)Bruster of EnglandBruster of EnglandMary Bruster (1632-1668)
Mary Bruster (1632-1668)John Bruster (1631-1691)
Joshua Buckton (1819-1895)James BucktonMary MetcalfeMary Oates (1827-1858) + Elizabeth Lupton (1819-1882) + Helen Shepherd
Marguerite de Bourbon (1313-1362)Louis I de Bourbon (1279-1342)Mary of Avesnes (1280-1354)Jean de Sully (-1343)+Hutin de Vermeilles (-)
Elizabeth Channell (1835-1915)William Channell (1808-1884)Ann White (1812-1856)William Chapman (1827-1899)
... further results
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