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July 5 is the 186th day of the year (187th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 179 days remaining until the end of the year.




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90 Familypedia people were born on July 5

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Mary Ann Adair (1822-1892)Thomas Adair (1774-1858)Rebecca Brown (1776-1846)
Sarah Adair (1775-1855)James Adair (1747-1831)Rebecca Montgomery (1750-1835)
Blanche Ray Alden (1870-1934)Philo Washington Alden (1840-1920)Eliza Dutton (1839-1881)
Robert Bacon (1860-1919)William Benjamin Bacon (1823-1906)Emily Crosby Low (1835-1871)
Joseph Beeler (1762-1845)John Valentine Beeler (1737-1823)Mary Anna Turney (1739-1810)
Stuart Harborne Belcher (1864-1950)Samuel Harborne Belcher (1835-1920)Frances Harriett Cramp (1835-1929)
Michael John Berrell (1847-1907)Patrick Berrell (1818-1901)Rosetta Mary McGuirk (1829-1899)
Orson Moroni Bigelow (1870-1952)Hiram Bigelow (1829-1916)Martha Mecham (1839-1924)
Isabella Blackman (1866-1949)Thomas Harley Blackman (1818-1879)Catherine McCann (1829-1894)
John Thomas Buttsworth (1858-1917)John Buttsworth (1824-1896)Priscilla Anne Jones (1827-1897)
Jane Cadd (1851-1933)Thomas William Cadd (1831-1912)Mary Stuchbury (1832-1904)
Asa Starkweather Calkins (1809-1873)John Calkins (1785-1874)Lucy Kellogg (1788-1847)
Louis I of Etruria (1773-1803)Ferdinando di Parma (1751-1802)Marie Amalie von Habsburg-Lothringen (1746-1804)
Pedro III of Portugal (1717-1786)John V of Portugal (1689-1750)Maria Anne Josepha of Austria (1683-1754)
Ada May Carter (1884-1960)John Francis Carter (1851-1918)Mary Purnell (1855-1916)
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102 Familypedia people died on July 5

 FatherMotherAge at death
Rhoda Abbott (1776-1816)Moses Abbott (1735-1826)Elizabeth Holt (1743-1838)
Timothy Alden (1771-1839)Timothy Alden (1736-1828)Sarah Weld (1738-1796)68
Harriet Apps (1842-1930)William Apps (1813-1901)Philadelphia Foots (1813-1874)88
Ferran de Mallorca (1278-1316)Jaime de Mallorca (1243-1311)Esclarmonde de Foix (c1255-aft1299)38
Aline Rose Arbuthnot-Leslie (1888-1948)George Arbuthnot-Leslie (1847-1896)Mary Rose Leslie (1851-1900)60
Joseph Arnold (1761-1796)Joseph Arnold (1725-1801)Anne Lockwood (1730-1772)35
Glen Arnold Barrer (1891-1960)Robert Barrer (1857-1918)Fanny Malvina Arnold (1856-1932)69
James Bates (1624-1689)Clement Bates (1595-1671)
Adoniram Judson Beals (1840-1910)John Stearns Beals (1801-1878)Rosina Bates (1803-1891)70
William L Belton (1750-1830)John BeltonRebecca Anstead
Johannes Besseling (1851-1922)Jacob Besseling (1819-1878)Neeltje Bankras (1821-1892)71
Dorothy Bland (1761-1816)Francis Bland (c1740-1778)55
Mary Ann Blundell (1837-1907)Thomas Blundell (c1805-1853)Maria Brucker (c1814-1882)70
William Bradford (1654-1687)William Bradford (1624-1704)Alice Richards (1629-1671)32
Elbert Sidney Brigham (1877-1962)Sanford Josiah Brigham (1838-1925)Sarah Jane Bronson (1842-1901)
... further results

90 Familypedia people were first married on July 5

 FatherMotherJoined with
Joseph Adams (1730-1809)Samuel Adams (1694-1751)Sarah Paine (1697-1777)Abigail Perrin (1734-1807)
John Christian Bangerter (1898-1994)Johann Christian Bangerter (1867-1958)Katharina Schaaf (1874-1905)Grace Lucile Monson (1903-1986)
Abigail Barrell (1830-1867)Nelson Barrell (1800-c1850)Mehitable Jones (1801-1869)Levi Goddard Kendall (1827-1906)
Elizabeth Baynton (c1596-1638)Henry Baynton (1574-1616)Lucy Danvers (1575-1621)John Dutton (c1594-1657)
Eric Selby Povey Betts (1905-1969)David Betts (1873-1944)Lily Morton (1881-1957)Elizabeth Ada Morton (1905-1978)
Joseph Bingham (1738-1787)Joseph Bingham (1709-1787)Ruth Post (1711-1796)Rachael Weed (1737-1800)
Alexander Books (c1786-1864)Margaret Grono (c1804-1878)
Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Burlington (1612-1698)Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Cork (1566-1643)Catherine Fenton (-1630)Elizabeth Clifford (1613-1698)
Sarah Boyle (1820-1898)Charles Wetherall (c1811-1847)+John Cambridge (1819-1864)
John Cafe (1803-1869)Willam Cafe (c1770-1838)Elizabeth Smith (1771-1838)Mary Timmins (1810-1854)
William Cahoon (1765-1828)William Cahoon (1733-1813)Elizabeth Vaughn (1835-1770)Mehitable Hodges (1765-1809) + Mary Smith (1774-1863)
Mary Young Cheney (1811-1872)Silas Cheney (1776-1821)Mary Young (1776-)Horace Greeley (1811-1872)
Sarah Ellen Clarke (1852-1940)Samuel Hitchen Clarke (1805-1888)Elizabeth Smith (1815-1904)Lawson Smith (1855-1920)
Elizabeth Clifford (1613-1698)Henry Clifford, 5th Earl of Cumberland (1591-1643)Frances Cecil (1593-1644)Richard Boyle, 1st Earl of Burlington (1612-1698)
Charles Cramp (1854-1922)Josiah Cramp (1826-1893)Naomi Francis (1837-1896)Catherine Cummins (1867-aft1885) + Agnes Loudon (1868-1965)
... further results
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