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July 18 is the 199th day of the year (200th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 166 days remaining until the end of the year.

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124 Familypedia people were born on July 18

 FatherMotherAge mother at birth
Andre Andrews (1792-1834)Nathaniel Andrews (1756-1834)Mary Moss (1755-1847)
Vera Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga (1993-)Gilberto Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga (1961-)Bianca di Savoia-Aosta (1966-)
Mathani Arulpragasam (1975)Arul Pragasam (1940)Kaya Kathirithamby (1944)
Johann V. von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1439-1507)Bernhard II. von Sachsen-Lauenburg (c1385-1463)Adelheid von Pommern (1410-aft1445)
María Fortunata Assumma (1918-2002)Giuseppe Assumma (1882-1947)Ángela Bilotti (1886-1970)
Susannah Philena Baker (1832-1913)Stephen Baker (1778-1858)Susannah Mathewson (1785-1872)
John Ball (1765-1825)John Ball (1741-1800)Mary Polly Yeary (1743-1799)
Leonard Batjer (1897-1969)
Aubrey Edward Jack Beckham (1925-)Edward Charles Beckham (1901-)Queenie Violet Eldridge (1902-)
John Thomas Bellamy (1851-1905)James Bellamy (1825-1852)Ann Bellamy (1829-1897)
Leonard Elmer Bernstein (1998)Peter Bernstein (1951)Marilyn Meadows (1964)
Reuben Boardman (1845-1920)William Boardman (1801-1867)Melinda Boothby (1811-1885)
Margit Bohus (1876-1939)László Bohus (1839-1914)Berta Görgey (1850-1934)
Charles John Botfield (1888-1973)Edward Beaumont Botfield (1855-1956)Clara Wilmina M Jones (1861-1947)
Noël Bourdeau (1870-1959)
... further results

122 Familypedia people died on July 18

 FatherMotherAge at death
David Joshua Adams (1884-1947)David Jonathan Adams (1854-1911)Louisa Maria King (1859-1938)
George Arbuthnot (1688-1732)Alexander Arbuthnot (c1638-1691)Catherine Ochterlony (bef1688-aft1691)44
Dorothea Maria von Anhalt (1574-1617)Joachim Ernst von Anhalt-Dessau (1536-1586)Eleonore von Württemberg (1552-1618)43
Harold Lester Ashworth I (1902-1991)Albert P. Ashworth (1872-1934)Luella Griffin (1877-1906)
Jane Austen (1775-1817)George Austen (1731-1805)Cassandra Leigh (1739-1827)
Charles Bacon (1846-1941)John Bacon (c1817-1866)Ann Maria Powers (c1812-1914)
Martha Jane Baker (1859-1926)William Edward Baker (1835-1922)Mary Ann Newport (1838-1917)
Calista Louisa Bancroft (1830-1869)Joseph Bancroft (1804-1870)Louisa Livermore (1808-1870)
Richard Bartlett (1621-1698)Richard Bartlett (1575-1647)Johanna de Wiltshire (1577-1643)
James Zadock Bellamy (1862-1947)William Bellamy (1823-1891)Elanor Thompson (1824-1897)85
John Bennett (1804-1882)78
Jordanna Blank (1946-2006)
Georgeta Bogdan (1876-1887)Leon Bogdan (1849-1917)Natalia Mavrogheni (1848-1904)
Isabella Boggs (1823-1854)John Boggs (1796-1869)Mary Ann Cunningham (c1794-1881)
Catherine Bourne (1858-1906)Giles Bourne (c1835-1913)Bridget Rafter (c1836-1922)48
... further results

69 Familypedia people were first married on July 18

 FatherMotherJoined with
Mary Adams (1667-1706)Joseph Adams (1626-1694)Abigail Baxter (1634-1692)Samuel Bass (1660-1751)
Penelope Frances Elizabeth Pemberton Austin (1829-1910)John Austin (bef1818-?)Margaret Pemberton (bef1829)George Edward Murray (1818-1854)
Harriet Frances Bagot (1816-1881)Richard Bagot (1782-1854)Harriet Villiers (1788-1870)Charles Thynne (1813-1894)
James Blackman (c1792-1868)James Blackman (1759-1842)Elizabeth Harley (1765-1842)Mary John (1799-1848)
Cecily Bonville, 7th Baroness Harington (1460-1529)William Bonville, 6th Baron Harington (bef1442-1460)Katherine Neville (1442-c1503)Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset (1451-1501)+Henry Stafford, 1st Earl of Wiltshire (c1479-1523)
Elizabeth Howard Brabyn (1805-1881)John Brabyn (1758-1835)Sarah Howard Elliott (1768-1847)Charles Simeon Marsden (1803-1868)
Emelia Browne (1864-1948)Thomas Browne (1821-1898)Mary Ann Kearns (1827-1913)Joseph David Cramp (1862-1945)
Minnie Emily Cameron (1887-1962)Robert A Cameron (1846-1937)Mary Maria Baker (1854-1937)Edward Arthur Chandler (1882-1960)
William Cavendish (1783-1812)George Augustus Henry Cavendish, 1st Earl of Burlington (1754-1834)Elizabeth Compton (1760-1835)Louisa O'Callaghan (1779-1863)
Brownlow Cecil, 8th Earl of Exeter (1701-1754)John Cecil, 6th Earl of Exeter (1674-1721)Elizabeth Brownlow (1681-1723)Hannah Sophia Chambers (bef1709-1765)
Edward Arthur Chandler (1882-1960)Amos John Chandler (1853-1918)Sarah Jane Jackson (1858-1889)Minnie Emily Cameron (1887-1962)
Joseph Coit (1643-1704)John Coit (c1592-1659)Mary Jenners (1596-1676)Martha Harris (c1642-1713)
Isaac Cole (1843-1872)James Cole (c1812-1885)Mary Gutsell (1822-1892)Louisa Wilson
Andrew Ainslie Common (1841-1903)Thomas Common (-1851)Mary Hall (1809-)Anne Matthews (1840-)
Joseph David Cramp (1862-1945)Thomas George Cramp (1818-1865)Sarah Lefley (1824-1906)Emelia Browne (1864-1948)
... further results
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