Joseph A Packer was born 25 January 1859 in Fort Herriman, Salt Lake County, Utah to Jonathan Taylor Packer (1817-1889) and Christiana Petrina Sundby (1825-1892) and died 28 June 1941 Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah of unspecified causes. He married Sarah Adeline Wight (1861-1934) 11 October 1880 .


Joseph Alma Packer was born on the 13th day of January, 1859, in Fort Herriman, Salt Lake County, Utah. They remained in Fort Herriman, 35 miles Southwest of Salt Lake City, for two years, living in close companionship with several other families of pioneers for safety and protection. During the fall of 1860, they emigrated to Brigham City, Utah, Box Elder County. Brigham City was then in its infancy, but it was to become his home practically throughout his life. Joseph Packer was the oldest in their family of four boys and one girl.

Joseph Packer, spent much of his life in association with Native American peoples of North America. One more experienced in Indian life and lore would be difficult to find. For he has lived, talked, and associated with them from his boyhood days. Eastern Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Southern Utah and far off Montana and the Canadian Rockies have seen him roaming the hills, hunting for big game, traveling with the Sioux, Assiniboins, Yanktons, and Crees of the North, the Navajo on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

On October 11, 1880, he married Sarah Adeline Wight in the endowment house at Salt Lake City. During that winter they lived on the farm of William Packer, just west of the Brigham station, doing general farm work. Shortly after he went to work on the construction train during the summer and returning to Brigham for the winter, living at his wife's mother's home.

In 1881, he went to work again for the Oregon Short Line Railroad, blasting rock at Bennington, Idaho. Owing to the dishonesty of those he was working with, he was cheated out of his paycheck. Returning home in the fall, he was taken ill and did not recover his former health throughout the winter. In 1883 he built a small home on 6th North and 1st east.


Offspring of Joseph A Packer and Sarah Adeline Wight (1861-1934)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Joseph Alma Packer (1881-1964)
Lyman Jonathan Packer (1883-1927)
Ira Wight Packer (1885-1958) 6 April 1885 Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah 11 December 1958 Brigham City, Box Elder County, Utah Emma Jensen (1888-1965)


Vital Records

1870 US Federal Census

  • Christina Packer - f/43 - b:Denmark
  • Joseph A Packer - m/11 - b:UT
  • Jacob Packer - m/9 - b:UT
  • Amos E Packer - m/4 - b:UT
  • Martha M Packer - f/1 - b:UT
  • Maria Camplin - f/76 - b:Pennsylvania



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