Jonathan Sprague was born 8 October 1656 in Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts to John Sprague (1624-1692) and Lydia Goffe (1628-1714) and died 8 March 1730 in Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts of unspecified causes. He married Mary Bunker (1658-1714) circa 1677 in Charlestown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Tavern keeper. Served with Capt. Thomas Wheeler's co. in King Philip's War stationed at Groton. committee member and town office holder, Malden assessor, Selectman & Surveyor.

"The Sprague Family: from Dorset, to Massachusetts & Gibraltar", by Joan Watkins, 1992, correspondent. (NOTE: continued from Jonathan Sprague's father, Capt John Sprague.)

Jonathan, Captain John's second son, born in 1656 in Malden was 36 when his father died. At the age of 17 he had joined the Militia and in 1673 was stationed at the Garrison at Groton, serving with Captain Thomas Wheeler's company. At that time there was considerable unrest with the Indians, the chief was Philip, hence the riots became known as King Philip's War. Jonathan also served with Daniel Henchman in 1676 and he was credited to Malden for his services. At the age of 22 in 1678 he married Mary Bunker, daughter of John and Hannah Bunker of Charlestown. They had ten children: Jonathan, Lydia, Eunice, Richard, John, Joseph (born 1691), Nathan, Hannah and Mary (twins), David, Bunker, and Samuel.

After his father's death, Jonathan was chosen to be Constable of Malden. In 1701-6 he was licensed to keep a Tavern, supposed to have stood in Scandan on the south side of Granite Street in the Maplewood section of Malden. In 1711 he was chosen a member of the committee to set out "ye spot of ground where ye schoolhouse shall stand in Malden Square".

In 1714, his wife Mary died at the age of 56. Later Jonathan married again. They had no further family. At the age of 74 in 1730 he died and like his father was buried in Bell Rock Cemetery. His second wife only survived him for 7 years. It is thought that both the elder sons Jonathan and Richard must have died before their father, as they were not mentioned in his will.


Offspring of Jonathan Sprague and Mary Bunker (1658-1714)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Jonathan Sprague (1679-1719)
Lydia Sprague (1682-1739)
Eunice Sprague (1684-1718)
Richard Sprague (1686-1720)
John Sprague (1689-1739)
Joseph Sprague (1691-1738)
Nathan Sprague (1693-)
Mary Sprague (1696-1787) 25 May 1696 Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 14 March 1787 Jonathan Sargent (1677-1754)

Hannah Sprague (1696-)
David Sprague (1698-1747)
Bunker Sprague (1701-1728)
Samuel Sprague (1704-)


Offspring of Capt. John Sprague and Lydia Goffe (1628-1714)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Sarah Sprague (1651-)
John Sprague (1652-1703)
Lydia Sprague (1653-1705)
Jonathan Sprague (1656-1730) 8 October 1656 Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts 8 March 1730 Malden, Middlesex County, Massachusetts Mary Bunker (1658-1714)

Samuel Sprague (1658-1743)
Mary Sprague (1661-1692)
Edward Sprague (1662-1715)
Benjamin Sprague (1665-1736)
Phineas Sprague (1666-1736)
Deborah Sprague (1670-1751)
Sarah Sprague (1672-1752)
Hannah Sprague (1675-1721)


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