John Wilson Robinson was born 11 November 1854 in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia to John William C Robinson (bef1830-aft1854) and Catherine Logue (bef1830-aft1854) and died 29 October 1916 Ulan, New South Wales, Australia of unspecified causes. He married Henrietta Emma Carlisle (1858-1944) 8 November 1875 in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia.


Offspring of John Wilson Robinson and Henrietta Emma Carlisle (1858-1944)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Arthur William Robinson (1876-1876) 18 September 1876 11 October 1876 Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia
Annie May Robinson (1877-1969) 26 December 1877 Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia 13 June 1969 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Joseph Samuel Harding (1871-1937)
Catherine Maud Robinson (1880-1966) 10 March 1880 12 March 1966 James Lawrence Archer (1887-1941)
Elizabeth Mary Robinson (1882-1980)
Henrietta Emma Robinson (1885-1962)
John William Robinson (1887-1955) 23 November 1887 Cassilis, New South Wales, Australia 24 October 1955 Gulgong, New South Wales, Australia Irene Vera Buchanan (1887-1976)
Florence Ella Robinson (1890-1963)
Clara Lilian Robinson (1890-1973) 8 April 1890 Cassilis, New South Wales, Australia 9 November 1973 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Frank Gordon Rossiter (1892-1978)
Elsie Olive Robinson (1892-)
Sarah Alice Robinson (1894-1894)
Vera Ethel Robinson (1895-1977)
Hilda Emily Robinson (1896-1975)
Charles Lawrence Carlisle Robinson (1899-1996) 9 April 1899 Gulgong, New South Wales, Australia 4 February 1996 Dorothy May Johnson (c1900-1998)


Mr. J. W. Robinson, one of the oldest residents of, Ulan, died, as shortly reported in Monday's "Guardian," at his residence, Ulan, on Sunday. Up to a few months ago Mr. Robinson was in such apparent good health that a lease would have been taken of his life. He was then overtaken by a serious and painful illness. This developed so rapidly that an operation became necessary. Mr. Robinson went to Sydney, and the operation, which was immediately successful, was performed by Sir Herbert Maitland. It soon became evident that the operation had done no real good, and Mr. Robinson's condition became so serious that all hope of his ultimate recovery was abandoned. The deceased gentleman spent some time in Mudgee, in a private hospital, and finally, a few weeks since, returned to Ulan, where he had lived almost all his life time. And, there, as already stated, the end, came on Sunday. Mr. Robinson was very highly esteemed by his neighbors and a large circle of friends. He was a big-hearted, generous-minded and generous-handed man, always willing and eager to do what he could to assist his fellows. For many years he was the proprietor of the Ulan Hotel, and at the same time had some nice country near to the town, which he farmed. He also went in extensively for stock dealing, selling and buying cattle on a large scale. Recently he disposed of the farm and goodwill of his hotel to Mr. Buchanan., and from then up to the time of his death lived privately. The funeral took place on Sunday, and was very largely attended. Mr. Robinson leaves besides his widow, two sons and eight daughters: Messrs, Charles Robinson, A.B.C. Bank, Mudgee. J. Robinison (Ulan), Mesdames, Harding (Parramatta), J. Harcher (Sydney), J. Swords (Moolarben), W. James (Cook's Gap), Barne (Urabry), Horton (Bobadeen) and Misses Clare and Vera Robinson, of Ulan. To these the "Guardian" tenders sincere sympathy in their bereavement.

Mudgee Guardian And North-western Representative, 2 November 1916, page 26

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